Medical treatments and procedures

PRAGA MEDICA, in cooperation with our partners, provides a wide range of medical procedures abroad. We team up with the best doctors, surgeons, clinics, hospitals and medical centres in Prague.

Vision Correction

IVF Fertility Treatment

Cosmetic surgery


Weight Loss Surgery

"We are sooo happy! We plan to teach her all about Czechia and bring her to visit some day! "

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"We chose Gest Clinic or Gest Clinic chose us, not sure how the magic happened. We sent a request for information and within a day ..."

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"Our wonderful clients have shared a photo of their baby boy, who was born only a few days ago. We wish this family many happy ..."

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"Благодарен за отличный сервис на всех стадиях моей поездки. Bce прошло замечательно от начала и до конца, персонал клиник и доктор очень заботливо относятся ко всем пациентам. Никаких проблем в послеоперационный период тоже не было. Помощь представителей Praga Medica была очень полезной! С Уважением, Вячеслав Вячеслав Slava Кисель, Украина 31. Украина 2020 Отзывы – Микрохирургия глаза    "

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"I was very nervous but they made me feel very relaxed."

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All our partners are European certified and personally known to us so we can guarantee that they will always act in a professional and ethical manner when dealing with you. They are the people that our families and closest friends use when they need to go to a doctor or dentist!

With PRAGA MEDICA, you will not have to pay any extra charges. In fact, in many cases, we also have special partner rates or group discounts, so you actually pay LESS for some treatments than you would normally be charged directly by the clinic. How is all this possible? The answer is simple. We have the right contacts within the healthcare environment!

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