Embryo Donation Abroad

Donor Embryos in Czech Republic, Embryo Adoption in Prague:

IVF treatment with donor embryos is a common procedure in the Czech Republic. Prague is a favourite destination for IVF abroad as Czech IVF clinics are renowned worldwide for high success rate, top medical care and affordable prices.

Our head physicians and head embryologists in Prague have been performing treatment with donor embryos regularly since 2006. The unique PRAGA MEDICA donor embryos program for international patients have been carried out in Prague since 2010.


Donor Treatment - procedures

IVF Fertility Treatment
Donor Treatment
Egg Donation Abroad€ 4300
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Benefits of Embryo Donation Abroad in Prague:

    1. No waiting list - you can have embryo transfer as soon as you are ready. We have a wide range of available embryos.
    2. Selected donors - young healthy donors, who were carefully preselected and tested
    3. Certified IVF specialists with fluent English.
    4. Head physicians and head embryologists with 10+ years of experience
    5. Guarantee of 2 quality embryos
    6. High success rate - see our IVF Reviews and Testimonials
    7. Shared risk - 2nd dose of donor embryos free of charge, if necessary
    8. Accessibility - direct flights between Prague and over 100 destinations from 79 EUR return.
    9. Individual approach - short single visit program for overseas patients
    10. Unique personal assistance - local representative to help you before, during and after your treatment (also with accommodation and transportation)
    11. Prague - save and attractive destination is ideal for infertility treatment abroad. Prague is situated in central Europe in the European Union. It is a peaceful and beautiful UNESCO city.

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Medical team - Jana - Praga Medica


Position: Treatment Abroad Senior Consultant

Languages: English, German and Czech

Role: Free consultations over the phone, customer service, patient coordination


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2500 EUR

The price of the Embryo Adoption Abroad includes:

  • Consultation with a highly qualified IVF specialist
  • Necessary examinations and preparation of the female recipient
  • All investigations of the donors including genetic testing
  • Frozen embryos created with use of advanced ICSI or PICSI methods
  • Thawing of embryos with follow up embryo cultivation
  • Local representative to help during your whole stay

Embryo donation: 2500 EUR

  • Embryo transfer with Guarantee of 2 quality embryos

Embryo donation with FET guarantee: 3500 EUR

  • guarantee of 2 embryos for 1st embryo transfer and at least 1 embryo for the possible second attempt
  • should you not get pregnant after the 1st cycle, the 2nd dose of embryos is free of charge! In this case, you would only pay 690 EUR for the embryo transfer administration.

Related items not included in the price of embryo adoption:

  • Medication (oestrogens and progestin pills) approx. 200 EUR
  • Extra embryo for transfer 1100 EUR
  • Assisted Hatching 250 EUR
  • Embryo Glue 145 EUR




Donor Embryos (Embryo Adoption) in Prague details:

The origin of our donated embryos:

In Prague we offer donor embryos that come from the fertilization of eggs of local voluntary female donors with sperm from local voluntary male donors. Advanced ICSI or PICSI method is used for fertilization as well as special cultivation media. All donor embryos are of highest quality before freezing. Our embryo adoption program is based on frozen embryos that have been created and stored at our clinics. If you are interested in fresh embryos, please click here.

Donor requirements and their examination:

Age less than 35.
Intelligence and appearance are taken into account.
Examination: standard genetic findings including CFTR mutations (test for cystic fibrosis).
A negative test result on: AIDS (HIV test), hepatitis B (HbSAg, anti-HBc antibodies), hepatitis C (anti-HCV antibodies), lues (syphilis).
Obligation of anonymity.
Signed consent for donating embryos (eggs).


Age less than 40.
Intelligence and appearance are taken into account.
Examination: standard genetic findings including CFTR mutations (test for cystic fibrosis).
A negative test result on: AIDS (HIV test), hepatitis B (HbSAg, anti-HBc antibodies),
hepatitis C (anti-HCV antibodies), lues (syphilis), chlamydia trachomatis.
Obligation of anonymity.
Signed consent for donating embryos (sperm).

Requirements on Treated Couple:

Obligation of anonymity.
The age of the woman must be less than 49 years.
Good health condition of the woman.
Marriage is not necessary.
Please note we cannot treat single women or same sex couples

General schedule - single visit:
Day 1 – Initial consultation, gynaecological examination. Paperwork, payment, signatures, tha man can leave if necessary.
Day 2 - 5 transfer of embryos (depending on their previous cultivation)
After the transfer we recommend to relax at least for 24 hours before you fly back home.
= in total usually 4 - 7 nights in Prague

Embryo donation is sometimes also referred to as donor embryos or embryo adoption. Infertility treatment with the use of donated embryos is fully legal in the Czech Republic.


Do you provide fresh embryo donation?

We do provide fresh embryo donation (egg donation with donor sperm). For further information, please look at information on egg donation.

How many ivf donor embryos treatments p.a. with successes?

The statistics below show numbers of frozen embryo transfers with donor embryos in past years. The Success Rate (SR) is meassured as pregnancies per Embryo Transfer (ET)2013 - 26 ET with SR 42,3 %2012 - 24 ET with SR 34 %

Embryo Donation Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, abroad also stands for embryo adoption, embryo donation, donor embryos or donated embryos. You may be looking also for donor eggs, donor embryos or embryo adoption. Patients that come to us also contacted NHS, HSE, Bupa and other national health care providers and also fertility clinics in Prague, such as GEST, Gennet, GYNEM, Guest, IVF Prague, IVF Cube and other private providers of infertility treatment. IVF with donor eggs prices differ significantly across the world and ivf clinics abroad or overseas often offer lower costs with high success rates and good quality of embryos. IVF or in vitro fertilization in Europe, above all in Czech Republic, Spain, Greece and Holland is well known for a viable solution for patients in countries such as UK, Ireland, Australia or USA. Many from London, Bournemouth, Queensland or Glasgow travel to Prague for the treatment.