IVF Fertility Treatment Cycle Abroad

IVF in the Czech Republic, IVF (ICSI) Treatment in Prague:

IVF treatment is a common procedure in the Czech Republic. Prague is a favourite destination for IVF abroad as Czech IVF clinics are renowned worldwide for high success rate, top medical care and affordable prices.

IVF (in vitro fertilization) with own eggs is suitable for women who cannot conceive naturally for at least 1 year and have tried less invasive kinds of infertility treatment, such as artificial insemination, unsuccessfully. IVF is often recommended to patients who suffer from issues with fallopian tubes. IVF with ICSI or more advanced PICSI is used where a male partner has an issue with quality of sperm. IVF may also be a solution in cases of unexplained or untreatable male infertility as it can be combined with donor sperm treatment.

IVF treatment with own eggs is not a solution for women who do not produce own eggs. Also, it may not be a solution for women who are in advanced reproductive age, or for those with unexplained infertility and couples who have had already several unsuccessful IVF treatments. For these patients the solution is usually donor eggs or donor embryos.

Our head physicians and head embryologists in Prague have been performing IVF treatment with own eggs (oocytes) regularly since 2006. The unique PRAGA MEDICA IVF treatment abroad programs for international patients have been carried out in Prague since 2010. Hundreds of healthy children have been born all over the world so far.

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Benefits of IVF Fertility Treatment Cycle Abroad in Prague:

    1. Certified IVF specialists with fluent English
    2. Head physicians and embryologists with 10+ years of experience in IVF.
    3. No waiting list - you can have embryo transfer within 2 months from the 1st contact
    4. Accessibility - direct flights between Prague and over 100 destinations. Low cost flights available.
    5. Personal assistance - local representative to help you before, during and after your treatment
    6. FREE transport to the clinic for the 1st appointment
    7. Shared risk - partial refund if embryo transfer does not take place; discount on 2nd attempt
    8. Affordable prices
    9. Modern methods - Embryo monitoring, Embryo Glue, genetic tests, PICSI, ERA, etc.
    10. High success rate - see our IVF Reviews and Testimonials
    11. Full tourist services including accommodation available
    12. Individual approach - we will do our best to tailor your trip according to your needs
    13. Prague - save and attractive destination is ideal for infertility treatment abroad. Prague is situated in central Europe in the European Union. It is a peaceful and beautiful UNESCO city.

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Medical team - Lucie - Praga Medica


Position: Treatment Abroad Senior Coordinator

Languages: English and Czech

Role: Free consultations over the phone, customer service, patient coordination


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2390 EUR

Complete IVF Cycle in Prague includes:

  • Phone or personal consultation with a highly qualified IVF specialist
  • Initial gynaecological examination
  • Fertilization of eggs by ICSI method
  • Cycle of IVF + Embryo transfer
  • Necessary blood tests for both partners (STDs)
  • Hormonal profile tests: AMH, TSH, Prolactin
  • All ultrasound scans
  • Extended cultivation of embryos for up to 5 days
  • Shared risk: 500-1000 EUR refund, should there be no embryo transfer 
  • Transfer to the clinic for the 1st appointment
  • Local representative to help during your whole stay

Items not included in the price of IVF cycle:

  • General health examination before anaesthesia 134 EUR
  • General anaesthesia (egg retrieval) 140 EUR
  • IVF stimulation drugs from 750 EUR

    All packages can be further upgraded by complementary methods. Full price lists can be provided upon request.


IVF cycle abroad options:

ONE visit - complete IVF cycle in Prague.
Time requirements: arrival in Prague directly before menstruation, woman resides for approx. 20 days, residence of the partner may be minimized to 1-2 days.

The initial consultation with our IVF specialist where the medical history will be evaluated, treatment planned in detail and any possible questions answered, is arranged by SKYPE or phone.

TWO visits - IVF cycle with 6 days of stimulation at home

Time requirements: this alternative requires two visits in Prague, the first may be managed in a single day.

During the first visit the women patient will have a gynecological examination, ultrasound, STDs blood test + possibly AMH blood test.
Male patient will have STD blood test + possibly semen analysis or semen analysis with freezing, thus his residence at the clinic can be minimized to one visit.

Both partners will talk face to face with the doctor and during this time the medical history will be evaluated, treatment planned in detail and any possible questions answered.
Patients will leave the clinic with medication and will start with the stimulation at home on day 2 of the menstrual cycle. The second visit is planned for day 7 or 8 of the cycle and patients reside 8 to 12 days.
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Requirements for the treated couple:

  • The age of the woman should ideally be less than 43 years. Patients who are over 43 years can try 1 attempt of IVF cycle with own eggs. If they do not succeed, the next attempt is with donor eggs. The age of the man is not limited.
  • Good health condition of the woman and hormonal levels enabling conception with own eggs. Female patients older than 38 years have to provide their AMH results before we can book the 1st appointment. We can only perform regular IVF cycle with own eggs to patients whose AMH is not below 50% of the normal level. As there are several scales to measure AMH, your laboratory should provide your results together with information what a normal level is on the scale used. Patients who have lower AMH can try 1 attempt of IVF cycle with own eggs. If they do not succeed, the next attempt is with donor eggs.
  • BMI of the woman below 35
  • Neither the man nor the woman is a carrier of the HIV virus, hepatitis B, or hepatitis C viruses and they do not suffer from syphilis.
  • Marriage is not a prerequisite.


Can you send me medication by post?

Yes, we can arrange that your medication is delivered to you by post. For IVF with donor eggs and embryos it is easy as the medication package costs only between 70 - 100 EUR including express delivery. For IVF with own eggs ...

For IVF would I have the daily injections at the clinic?

We work only with self-aplicable high quality medication (price has to unfortunately reflect that), so it is very easy to apply these injections. In case you come to Prague for the complete treatment including the stimulation phase, we can assure ...

How many ivf own egg treatments the clinic has p.a. with a breakdown of successes?

In 2012 we had altogether 323 IVF cycles with stimulation with 39,3% pregnancies per ET. Out of that 138 cycles with patients older than 35 years with succes rate 30,4%. The clinic has also performed 181 cycles with frozen embryos that year with succes rate 34,3%. With respect ...

How many ultrasound scans would be required during the treatment?

In case of IVF with own eggs 2-3 scans during the phase of stimulation and 1 final here in Prague before the egg retrieval.For IVF with donor eggs or embryos and for FET, only 1 scan is necessary before you arrive ...

What is assisted hatching?

The embryo is developed to a certain size in a solid membrane. If pregnancy is to occur, the embryo must leave this membrane once it is transferred to the uterus. The purpose of assisted hatching is to create an opening ...

What is Embryo Glue?

Embryoglue® is a special medium which eases the embryo's adhesion to the mucous membrane of the uterus.  The consistency of embryo glue is similar to the liquid of the mucous membrane of the uterus and contains an important substance ...

What is ICSI?

During ICSI one sperm is selected and with the aid of a sharp capillary it is inseminated directly into the egg. ICSI increases the likelihood of the eggs being fertilized. It is therefore applied if the partner’s sperm analysis ...

Will I see the same doctor for each appointment and do they speak English?

It is our aim that you have the same doctor from the beginning to the end. However, in cases where it is not for some reason possible, there are always other 2 English speaking doctors. For instance, if the development of ...