Egg Donation Abroad

7 reasons to choose Praga Medica for Egg donation abroad:


You will have a great chance of becoming pregnant

We have a very high success rate and outstanding results in fertility treatment. Read more about our success stories from our patients’ testimonials

You will save money

Even if you choose the most expensive package, you will still save 50% compared to the UK price and 75% compared to the standard price in the USA

You can choose the date of the procedure 

A plentiful supply of anonymous donors guarantees flexibility in scheduling the treatment

You will experience an individual approach and unique personal assistance 

A local English speaking representative will be available to help you before, during and after your treatment (even with transportation and accommodation booking)

You will enjoy our high-quality clinic 

Our clinic uses the most advanced technology and methods, like Embryo monitoring, EmbryoGlue/Gen, genetic tests, PICSI, etc

You will benefit from the outstanding skills of our doctors 

Our doctors have more than 15 years of experience and they perform 200 to 300 treatments every year

You will not be surprised 

You can read more about the experience of our patients on an independent server Trustpilot where we currently score:


We have young and healthy donors

All of our donors have to fulfill strict criteria: Perfect health, be under 35 years old and also they have to undergo series of examinations (Health, psychological and genetical), where they test the quality of the eggs. This is to ensure that there is a high quality of eggs provided.


Typical Czech donors

Donor Treatment - procedures

IVF Fertility Treatment
Donor Treatment
Embryo Donation Abroad€ 2500
* Indicative pricing only, please contact us for your personalised quote with up to date pricing.

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Benefits of Egg Donation Abroad in Prague:

    1. Select your donor – You can choose from a wide range of donors, this is to ensure that you will have a healthy baby
    2. Certified IVF specialists with fluent English – In case of any questions, you can always ask our experienced IVF specialists
    3. Head physicians and head embryologists with 15+ years of experience, who will be in charge of the whole procedure
    4. Shared risk – we offer many guarantees, significant discounts, and even free attempts
    5. Accessibility – Prague is in the middle of Europe. There are direct flights from Prague to more than 100 destinations around the world
    6. One of the safest cities and attractive destination is ideal for infertility treatment abroad. It is a peaceful and beautiful UNESCO city

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Medical team - Lucie - Praga Medica


Position: Treatment Abroad Senior Coordinator

Languages: English and Czech

Role: Free consultations over the phone, customer service, patient coordination


More about our team and doctors


4300 EUR

All of our donor egg packages include the following:

  • Email or phone evaluation of your medical questionnaire and other records
  • Thorough initial consultation with a highly qualified English speaking IVF specialist
  • Necessary examinations and blood tests for both partners
  • Preparation of the egg donor
  • All examinations of the donor, including the genetics
  • Stimulation of the egg donor
  • Egg collection
  • Fertilization of eggs by ICSI
  • Extended cultivation 3 - 5 days
  • Embryo transfer
  • Sperm freezing and storage for 12 months
  • Local representative to help during your whole stay

Specifics of Egg Donation Optimum package: 4300 EUR

  • guarantee of at least 1 quality embryo
  • egg donors in this program are usually shared = more flexible planning of your stay

Specifics of Egg Donation Maximum package: from 5300 EUR

  • a specific egg donor is prepared for you
  • guarantee of at least 2 quality embryos
  • 50% discount on 3rd fresh Maximum cycle should you not get pregnant from the previous fresh and frozen cycles.

Specifics of Egg Donation Maximum package with FET guarantee: 6300 EUR:

  • a specific egg donor is prepared for you
  • Guarantee of at least 3 embryos for a cycle, including fresh and frozen embryo transfer
  • 3rd fresh cycle (Maximum package) free of charge should you not get pregnant from the previous fresh and frozen cycles 

All packages can be further upgraded by complementary methods. Full price lists can be provided upon request.



Our options for IVF with Egg Donor Abroad

Depending on your specific needs and wishes, the following egg donation packages can be chosen. Details on each option are below:

Egg Donation Optimum

- is ideal for patients who require flexibility and transfer of one embryo only or are tight on budget or simply do not require a specific egg donor

This option is called Optimum as it is the quickest and cheapest way to get pregnant with donor eggs. Chances of pregnancy after 1 embryo transfer are between 50% - 60%. In most cases, 2 patients share 1 donor. Because the prediction of the day of the embryo transfer is not dependent on a stimulation of a specific donor, but rather a group of donors, it allows to plan your stay in a more flexible way. Surplus embryos for freezing and future use are not that common in this program.

Egg Donation Maximum

-  would suit those couples, who require a specific egg donor and require a transfer of 2 embryos

This option is called Maximum as it maximizes your chances to get pregnant from 1st attempt. A specific egg donor is prepared for you, which enables matching some of the donor´s characteristics. Surplus embryos for freezing and future use are common in this program, but not guaranteed. Chances of pregnancy after 1 fresh and 1 frozen embryo transfer (1 donor) is over 70%.

Selection and Examination of our egg donors in Prague:

  • We use eggs only from anonymous volunteer donors that have been carefully preselected and tested.
  • Age under 35.
  • Intelligence and appearance are taken into account.
  • Examination: standard genetic findings including CFTR mutations (test for cystic fibrosis).
  • A negative test result on AIDS (HIV test), hepatitis B (HbSAg, anti-HBc antibodies), hepatitis C (anti-HCV antibodies), lues (syphilis). These tests are made before filling and then at least 7 days before egg collection.
  • Obligation of anonymity.

Egg Donors are Czech women of the common European population (Caucasian race = pale skin). With Maximum and FET Guarantee programs you can request a specific colour of eyes, colour of hair and body height and weight of the egg donor. Sterility treatment through the method of Egg Donation (Donor Oocytes) provided by an anonymous donor is fully legal in the Czech Republic. 


Are all donors country nationals?

All of our donors are young healthy local women of the major Czech population (Caucasian). We do not buy any eggs and we only use fresh eggs.

At what stage of embryo development is it better to do the transfer it? 3 or 5 days?

We transfer most embryos on day 5 in the blastocyst stage but it is always up to the embryologist to decide when it is best to transfer them. It is a complex decision and depends on many aspects.

Can you treat single men or women for infertility?

Unfortunately not, the Czech law prohibits to treat singles. We can only treat couples for infertility (marriage is not prerequisite)

Do we select the egg donor or is she selected for us?

In theory you can choose her colour of hair, eyes, weight, height and the level of education, but it can take months to find exactly matching donor and if such specific donor fails, you have no donor. The look of ...

Do you offer acupuncture as a complimentary part of the IVF treatment?

Yes, we cooperate with the renowned Prague´s acupuncture clinic Nature Care Clinic.All acupuncturists are licensed, very experienced, friendly and English speaking.As a part of our Acupuncture Service Package we offer booking of the sessions and the arrangement ...

How many eggs do you guarantee per cycle?

With our full guarantee option we guarantee you will receive all the eggs form the donor, there will be at least 5 good quality eggs and 2 good quality embryos.

How many ivf donor egg treatments p.a. with successes?

The statistics below show numbers of fresh synchronized IVF donor egg cycles in past years. The Success Rate (SR) is meassured as pregnancies per Embryo Transfer (ET)2013 - 77 ET with SR 52,7% Shared donor cycles are also included2012 - 47 ET with ...

Is a younger donor always better?

The younger the donor the better is not necessarily always true. For example a 32yo donor who has already two children of her own and is in the donor program for some time with proven success gives you a better ...

Is Egg Donation a new practice?

No, egg donation is not a new practice. The first child born from egg donation was reported in Australia in 1983 at the Monash IVF clinic. In July 1983, a clinic in Southern California reported an egg-donation pregnancy, which subsequently led to ...

Is the rate of miscarriages higher with IVF?

IVF can in fact provide a lower rate of miscarriage because of the nature of the process, which involves the selection of the best embryos before implantation. This means that only viable embryos are introduced, and as a large percentage ...

What happened if /when a donor´s stimulation cycle has to be be discontinued or stopped before egg retrieval?

As part of our guarantee we have always a back up donor, so your treatment will continue.

What happens to the costs if the cycle has to be abandoned?

When the cycle has to be for some reason abandoned a part of the cost is always returned, depending on the stage when this happens. There is a fixed price chart for that at the clinic.

What is Embryo Monitoring?

This non-invasive method allows for continuous on-screen monitoring of the embryo development outside the cultivation box. It is suitable for couples using IVF with own eggs as well as donor eggs. It has to be combined with ICSI or PICSI ...

What is EmbryoGen?

EmbryoGen basic characteristics: Advanced cleavage-stage medium containing GM-CSF growth factor For patients with previous miscarriages Documented by world's largest IVF media trial Our experience: This new cultivation solution can increase your chances for pregnancy even if you have not ...

What is IVF TOP Package?

Our original IVF Top Package includes 3 very efficient and up-to-date complimentary IVF procedures. Use of this package can increase your chances by 5-7% and includes all the following:1) Embryo GenEmbryo Gen is a special cultivation liquid. Click here to see ...

What is PICSI?

PICSI is based on bonding a ripe sperm onto specially treated surface of a Petri dish. The head of a ripe sperm carries a specific receptor allowing its bonding to hyaluronate. This substance represents an important part of the intercellular ...

What is the cost of transfering frozen embyros?

The cost of transfering frozen embryos is 484 EUR.

What is the cost to freeze extra embryos?

The freezing of extra embryos costs 280 EUR.

What is the German Acupuncture Protocol?

The German Protocol is a series of two acupuncture treatments that are performed on the day of the embryo transfer.  The treatments are scheduled before and after the embryo transfer on the same day.  The German Protocol is based off ...

What is the law about egg donation in the Czech republic?

The egg donation is anonymous, voluntary and free in Czech Republic. Our donors are young women under 35 years which fulfill a criteria given by Czech legislation and the European tissue directive. The Law No.373/2011 Coll. About Specific medical services states ...

What is the rate of multiple pregnancies in IVF with egg donation in your clinic?

When implanting 2 embryos (recommended number) there is about a 20% chance for twins.

What is your embryo transfer policy?

Generally, two (rarely three) embryos are recommended to be transfered where the chance of success is reduced. This group includes, for example, women older than 35 years with repeated IVF failure. The transfer of two embryos gives a greater chance of ...

When should I consider the egg donation program over IVF with own eggs?

You might be a candidate for donor eggs if you have any of these conditions: Premature ovarian failure, a condition in which menopause has started much earlier than usual, typically before age 40 If your reproductive organs have been damaged or ...

Who are our donors?

Our donors are young women under 35 years of age which fulfil very strict criteria given by Czech legislation and the European tissue directive. We always have our donor in groups. Egg donation is a biological process and even a proven ...

Why do you not offer the IMSI method?

IMSI is a method replaced at most of the modern fertility clinics by PICSI. Simply put PICSI is a much more refined way of picking the best sperm for fertilisation. While traditionally sperm are selected for ICSI based on their ...

Would I have to get injections?

During the Egg Donation/Embryo Donation program only pills are being administered. The egg recepient doesn´t need any injections.    

Egg Donation Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, abroad also stands for egg donor, IVF with donor eggs, egg adoption or oocyte donation. You may be looking also for donor eggs, donor embryos or embryo adoption. Patients that come to us also contacted NHS, HSE, Bupa and other national health care providers and also fertility clinics in Prague, such as GEST, Gennet, GYNEM, Guest, IVF Prague, IVF Cube and other private providers of infertility treatment. IVF with donor eggs prices differ significantly across the world and ivf clinics abroad often offer low cost with high success rates and good quality of embryos. IVF or in vitro fertilization in Europe, above all in Czech Republic, Spain, Greece and Holland is well known for a viable solution for patients in countries such as UK, Ireland, Australia or USA. Many from London, Bournemouth, Queensland or Glasgow travel to Prague for the treatment.