Full Mouth Reconstruction

Save up to 50-70% of your costs on Full Mouth Reconstruction in Prague.

We offer several solutions that can be considered as Full Mouth Reconstruction or Full arch renovation. Apart from classic and full arch dentures we offer several solutions with the use of dental implants.

1st option - fixed denture
Complete lower or upper arch denture fixed to implants.
Main advantages: better functional and aesthetic solution than classical denture. Easy cleaning and maintenance. Significantly cheaper than a fixed prosthesis.

2nd option - All-on-6
Upper or lower full-arch of natural looking fixed dental prosthesis attached to All-on-6 dental implant system.
Main advantages: A less invasive procedure = reduced recovery time. Top quality Biomet 3I Implants.


Maybe you don’t need A fullset of new teeth on implants, we also offer partial replacements using implants. Click to read more:

How to replace one or more separate teeth

How to replace several neighbouring teeth

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Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction in Prague:

Why dental implants abroad?

  1. Cost saving - The prices of teeth implants are several times lower than in other EU countries.
  2. Time saving - You can have new teeth in 2-3 months!
  3. 1st class quality - renown Straumann and Dentis dental implants
  4. Experienced specialists -Dental surgeons with over 10 years of experience
  5. Short waiting time - Have your first appointment as soon as in 2 weeks!
  6. Personal assistance - Local representative to help you during the whole process
  7. Individual treatment plan - We will tailor your treatment plan according to your financial and time ability
  8. Prague - stunning UNESCO city is ideal place for vacation

Our Medical Team

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More about Full Mouth Reconstruction

Do you provide Full mouth dental implants?
Yes we do, however the term "Full mouth dental implants" can have several meanings. Patients asking for this usually mean a permanent (fixed) bridge or Branemark bridge replacing a complete lower or upper arch. The bridge is attached to a set of dental implants. The number of implants depends on many aspects such as the quality of the bone, type of implants or bridge used, number of teeth to be replaced, financial limits of the patient and the experience of the implantologist.


Full Mouth Reconstruction in Prague, Czech Republic, abroad also stands for Full Mouth dental implants, Full Mouth Renovation, Complete set of dental implants, dental bridges and crowns, fixed dentures, fixed prosthesis, full arch dental implants, dental implants full mouth

Prices & Costs

Price from: 7000 EUR

Full mouth reconstruction (all-on-6 system) package include:

  • Extractions
  • Surgery (setting of implants) performed by a highly qualified implantologist
  • Installing of 6 high quality titanium dental implants Biomet 3i
  • 6 Healing cylinders (gingiva formers)
  • Local anesthesia
  • 6 Abutments
  • Assistance of local representative during whole trip

Upper or lower full-arch of natural looking fixed dental prosthesis attached to dental implants starts on 6 267 EUR.
Upper or lower full-arch of natural looking fixed dental prosthesis attached to all-on-6 system starts on 7 000 EUR.

Remember, 1 implant can replace several teeth when used to fix a bridge or denture. The number of implants depends on many aspects such as the quality of your bone. We will be able to tell you more after a personal examination or if you send us a 3D scan.

Not included in the price
Initial examination, incl. X-ray - from 59 EUR - which will be used towards the whole cost
Bone augmentation BIOSS - from 222 EUR
Membrane BIOSS - from 222 EUR
Sinus lift - from 133 EUR