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Phakic lens ICL

Phakic lenses ICL in Prague, Czech Republic

You are between 21 and 45 years of age, your nearsightedness or farsightedness condition is out of scope of a regular laser eye surgery and you wish to see without any glasses or contact lenses, Phakic ICL lenses is the right solution for you. Phakic lenses surgery is a painless 10 minutes long intraocular eye surgery performed by qualified and experienced eye surgeons at a modern eye clinic located in Prague, Czech Republic. Visian STAAR high quality ICL lenses are used for best results.

The main advantage of the surgery is the ability to correct high degrees of nearsightedness or farsightedness, a suitable alternative to LASIK surgery.

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Benefits of Phakic lens ICL in Prague:

    1. Highly qualified eye surgeons with over 15 years of experience
    2. Accessibility - direct flights between Prague and over 130 destinations from 79 EUR return
    3. Personal Assistance - local representative to help you during the whole process, free help during your stay
    4. Flexibility - available surgery dates within 2 weeks
    5. Individual treatment plans - we will tailor your trip according to your needs, your stay can be shortened to less than 1 week.
    6. Prague - stunning UNESCO city is ideal for a short break

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Medical team - Jana - Praga Medica


Position: Treatment Abroad Consultant

Languages: English and Czech

Role: Free consultations over the phone, customer service, patient coordination



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1400 EUR

The price per eye includes:

  • Phakic Lens surgery performed by a highly qualified surgeon
  • all medicines required for the surgery and postoperative care
  • all postoperative examinations for up to 1 year after the surgery
  • Cachet or ICL phakic lens

The price per eye does not include:

  • Pre-operative eye examination
  • General Health Examination - when done in Prague
  • Accommodation, transfers and our other services are optional and charged separately

Phakic IOLs (Implantable Contact Lenses) - procedures

Phakic lens ICL€ 1400
Phakic ICL toric lens€ 1750
* Indicative pricing only, please contact us for your personalised quote with up to date pricing.

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What is ICL?

The intraocular contact lens (ICL) is an optical element similar to a contact lens and it is permanently implanted behind the iris. It does not require any maintenance or exchange. It is a suitable solution for younger patients with high prescription, both plus and minus ones. The advantage is a possibility to change the lens in case the disorder progresses. PHAKIC INTRAOCULAR LENS has excellent optical characteristics.

What are benefits of ICL?

The ICL lens is permanent but removable. ICL phakic lens is a great alternative where laser eye surgery does not reach. Because the Visian ICL is placed behind the iris, it is undetectable to the naked eye. ICL phakic lens can correct higher refractive errors.

What ICL Lenses do you offer?

ICL is produced by STAAR, a Swiss company, and has been approved for use by the European Union and the US FDA. It is also referred to as VisianICL in some countries. Visian ICL is positioned behind the iris and in front of your natural lens. The Visian ICL (Implantable Collamer® Lens) is one of the latest technological advancements in vision correction technology. The Visian ICL is made from Collamer, a 100% biocompatible material created and used exclusively by STAAR Surgical. This technology is able to treat a large range of refractive error varying by region; it is FDA approved to correct myopia in adults ranging from -3.0D to -15.0D with less than or equal to 2.5D of astigmatism at the spectacle plane and can reduce myopia in adults ranging from greater than -15.0D to -20.0D with less than or equal to 2.5D of astigmatism at the spectacle plane.

How is the ICL surgery performed?

Quite painlessly, the lens is implanted in the operating theatre of the outpatient clinic and the surgery takes about 10 minutes. As the lens is always tailor-made, the implantation is a two-step process. In the first step the patient comes to Prague for a pre-operative examination. Similarly to glasses a deposit for the lens has to be paid before the lens can be ordered, because the lens will be made exactly according to the patients prescription. This first visit can take just 1 day. The patient can fly back home immediately after the examination. After six weeks the lens is ready to be implanted. If only 1 eye is to be treated, the patient stays in Prague 2 days, in case of both eyes the patient stays 4 days.

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Phakic Lens (ICL)

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