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Multiple cosmetic surgery procedures under single anaesthesia with 10-20% discount!

Cosmetic surgery procedures can be often combined. Please remember, that all combinations are subject to prior doctors' approval.
Each procedure is performed by our specialist on the given medical field. If the doctor finds you suitable for multiple procedure, we can offer you 10% off the second and 20% off the third procedure!

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Testimonials & Reviews

  165 Testimonials & Reviews

  • Testimonial - Samantha - Rhinoplasty
    I was very unhappy with the shape of my nose since my teens, i found praga medica and from the very start their contact with me was excellent, so after reading the testimonials it was a very easy choice. From getting picked up at the airport Veronika was so helpful and friendly she even changed the awful hotel i had chosen into a beautiful hotel and picked up luggage for the way back for me so i could take some shopping back. Continue reading..
  • Testimonial - Danny - Male breast reduction
    I have recently returned from Gynecomastia surgery with Praga medica and I am delighted to say it went like a dream. I had an initial online consultaion where I sent pictures of the problem area, I was surprised with the speedy response and the confidence with which they responded. Continue reading..
  • Testimonial - Ms Masterson - Breast augmentation
    I am extremely pleased with the results of my surgery. The price was better than most clinics without compromising the treatment. I got exactly what I asked for from the surgeons. Continue reading..
  • Testimonial - Anna - Rhinoplasty
    Three weeks ago I had a full rhinoplasty and septoplasty with Dr. Roman Kufa at Perfect Clinic, Prague. Continue reading..

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