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Multiple cosmetic surgery procedures under single anaesthesia with 10-20% discount!

Cosmetic surgery procedures can be often combined. Please remember, that all combinations are subject to prior doctors' approval.
Each procedure is performed by our specialist on the given medical field. If the doctor finds you suitable for multiple procedure, we can offer you 10% off the second and 20% off the third procedure!

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  152 Testimonials & Reviews

  • Testimonial - Anna - Rhinoplasty
    Three weeks ago I had a full rhinoplasty and septoplasty with Dr. Roman Kufa at Perfect Clinic, Prague. Continue reading..
  • Testimonial - Vita - Rhinoplasty
    Online reservation based on great reviews with client assistant was easy. Communication with all questions thoroughly answered with offer to book local hotel in the area as well. Continue reading..
  • Testimonial - Imani - Rhinoplasty
    I am very pleased with the results after rhinoplasty. I was operated by Zdenek Pros. Recommend to anyone choosing this clinic, both service and everything is at the highest level. Continue reading..
  • Testimonial - Paul - Rhinoplasty
    Professional 5 star service from initial contact all the way through! & you get to see the beautiful city of Prague! - I was as you would expect slightly apprehensive about the anaesthesia process which was unfounded the next thing I remember was waking up! I had a sneak peak at my new nose & "WOW" I am so pleased with the results & my confidence has taken a boost! So if surgery is something you are considering email or book an appointment over the phone or internet with Praga Medica I am going back for liposuction in September that's confidence! I would like to say a personal thank you to Dr Padera the wonderful nurses including Lena & the lovely Martina for guiding & advising me through the entire process! Sincerely & kind regards Paul A. Paul, UK 10th July 2014 Rhinoplasty This patient testimonial has been validated through Treatment Abroad or WhatClinic. Continue reading..

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