TLC star Jodie Marsh underwent laser eye surgery and she is not the only one

The 38-year-old TLC documentary star and former big brother star has undergone a laser eye surgery. As well as Jodie Marsh other TV stars have also undergone this surgery.

Jodie Marsh wore her glasses since she was 11 years old. As she wanted to stop wearing lenses and she didn’t want to wear glasses as she said she looks hideous in them. She has decided to undergo this operation. She says that she was a little bit afraid but not that much as she has already undergone a plastic operation before (breast augmentation).

Jodie Marsh was surprised by the fact how fast the procedure was and couldn’t believe the fact that it was done so fast and she is very satisfied with the operation as she can finally see without any aid. She said that she doesn’t even recall how does it feel to see without any aid.

She is not the only one to undergo a laser eye surgery. One of these stars is Elton John. Elton John has undergone this procedure not only for the same reason as Jodie but also because his outfits always include a pair of gaudy costume glasses. This has forced his team to always remake these glasses and switch the normal lenses for prescription lenses which has increase the cost and was very time-consuming.  As he says “ Do you have any idea how expensive it is to fit 5,000 pairs of gaudy custom glasses with prescription lenses?” As we can clearly see one of the main reasons for Elton John to undergo such operation was to save money and time with preparing of his outfits.

The F.R.I.E.N.D.S star Courtney Cox also underwent laser eye surgery as she wanted to stop wearing glasses while reading a script. She has said that sometimes she forgot her glasses and it was a disaster as she could not read without them.

Nicole Kidman has undergone LASIK surgery so that she doesn’t need glasses while having an acceptance speech for winning an Academy Awards.

Kim Kardashian always loved to wear glasses and she loved the way she looked in them but after she realized that Kayne’s song, Guilt Trip was about him wanting to tell her he hated them, she quickly scheduled her LASIK eye surgery to fix her vision.

The other stars that underwent laser eye surgery are: Tiger Woods ( he believes that laser eye operation has helped him with golf), LeBron James, Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon (she has made the decision after the movie legally blond), Brooke Shields Jessica Simpson, Kathy Griffin and many more.

As we can see many stars have undergone this type of procedure for several reasons. All of them have agreed that it was not an unpleasant experience and that they are very satisfied with the procedure and they can’t stop enjoying the fact that they do not have to wear glasses nor contact lenses. Laser eye surgery is a very common procedure and most of the people who wear glasses since their childhood tend to undergo this procedure.

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