Frequent problem with fertility? You are not alone

Every fifth couple in the Czech Republic is infertile. There is nowhere else in the world that has this issue. With declining fertility, the whole of humanity is struggling. Nowadays, 5000 children per year are born with assisted reproduction (IVF). It is estimated that in 15-20 years up to half of all births will be assisted in some way.

So who’s problem is it, Mens or Womens?

In this case, neither gender is to blame. It is balanced, 40% for women, 40% for men and 20% for a combination of both partners. In women, infertility can be caused by fallopian tube damage, hormonal disorders or problems with egg nesting. The most common causes of infertility in men include decreased sperm quality, vas deferens blocking, or chromosomal sperm failure. Genetic disorders, environmental influences, or sexual intercourse can also be blamed. “We’ve already met a couple who came to the artificial insemination and both were healthy. The reason why the woman could not get pregnant was that they did not sleep together, “says Radim Horak of Prague Medica, a company that deals with health tourism. Consider a new quote, just sounds far fetched.

Frequent problem with fertility? You are not alone

More and more foreigners, especially from the West, are coming to the Czech Republic for medical treatment. The reason is simple, our healthcare is of a high standard, and the price that foreigners pay for it is often up to 50% cheaper than in their country. “Most of our clients are from England, Ireland or the US. The most common fertility treatment procedure we organise is ivf with egg donor,” adds Horák.

You can’t get pregnant?

If you have been trying for under a year, everything can still be normal. Even under optimal conditions they’re a 25% chance you won’t fall pregnant, so sometimes a bit of luck is involved. If it’s been over a year and no success, you should contact Praga Medica who can assist up to 95% of couples

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