MUDr. Tomáš Beneš

Medical education and skills:

Dr Benes performs complete body and head plastic surgery, including microsurgery and reconstructive surgery. Specification of plastic operations: Liposuction (Body jet liposuction), transfer of fat (usually to the breasts, buttocks and other body), abdominoplasty, augmentation, breast modelling, breast reduction, combinations of breast augmentation with fat transfer, gynecomastia, labioplasty, lift (various parts of the body), buttock, calf implants, application of Botox, hyaluronic acid, laser, blepharoplasty, combined procedures (combinations of multiple procedures during a single anaesthetic).

The operations carried out by MUDr. Beneš are precise and fast, and when operating on clients he considerably shortens the time they spend under anaesthesia. He specialises primarily in plastic surgery of the breasts, abdomen and buttocks and is one of the few plastic surgeons to perform combined operations under a single anaesthetic. He has also acquired many outstanding references from abroad, particularly English clients.


Since 2013 he has been a professional guarantor for plastic surgery at the Formé plastic surgery clinic in Prague.

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