Patient Testimonial: Natalie – Dental Crowns

On the video you can see our consultant Natalie, that is undergoing dental crowning. Our crowns are custom-made instantly and finished in our own on-site dental laboratory. While being of top quality, they are also affordable. (The whole procedure is done by state of the art technology.)

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Launch of Praga Medica new, mobile-friendly website

You can now enjoy the modern, mobile and user-friendly website version.

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Vaser liposuction: The best fat removal procedure.

Getting the body you have always wanted might be a much more pleasant experience with a new technique called Vaser liposuction. Since Italian cosmetic surgeons, Arpad and Giorgio Fischer dev

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IVF success rate abroad? 6 reasons why there is a much higher success rate abroad

When it comes to IVF with egg donation we already know that we can save up to 70% on costs when undergoing the treatment abroad. However, in last few years the demand for this kind of treatm

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