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Thanks to Praga Medica we have a beautiful baby girl! I was 45 years old when we have started a treatment in Praga Medica. We didn’t have much support in our clinic. Also, the treatments are very expensive in North America. So after years of unsuccessful tries and treatments we have decided to go to Europe. After making some research and checking reviews we have contacted Praga Medica. Doctor Alexander (from Guest IVF) recommended the best treatment package that met our budget as well. Blanka provided all of the information, was a great coordinator and we appreciate her support very much. First IVF cycle wasn’t successful, but we had a couple of embryos frozen and when we came back for the second IVF it worked! Entire team was very supportive through all of the stages of my treatment and during first “scary” weeks of pregnancy. We highly recommend GEST and Praga Medica. Thank you Doctor Alexander, Blanka and Doctor Polakova!

Svetlana Golovko, Canada

Mon, 05 Dec 2016 

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