Testimonials – Shona Elliott – Trifocal lens replacement with LenSx

Excellent from start to fimish

I am 52 years old and had RLE done in August in Prague. From my first tentative email to my flight home Praga Medica were brilliant. My emails were all answered by Monica who explained everything and booked a hotel for me. We stayed at the Hotel Amarilis which is in walking distance of the clinic. I paid 70 euro for the service package which gave me a driver to and from the airport, someone to take me to my first appointments who would translate anything and also a Czech phone. My eyesight was approx -12 and -9 so was appalling without glasses or contact lenses. Rita collected me from my hotel to take me for my consultation, and she is lovely. She stayed with me through the consultation, translating when needed. The consultation takes around 3 hours. My husband who came with me found plenty people to chat to in the waiting area as they were mainly English. The following day I went for my medical appointment. Again Rita collected me from the hotel and came with me. Later on that day I had my first eye done. I wa so excited that my blood pressure went up slightly so they suggested I take a light sedative which I did. Again the people I met at the clinic were mainly Engligh so we all sat chatting whilst getting our eye drops put in. The actual op only takes about 15 mins but with all the drops and everything I was probably there for a couple of hours. The surgeon introduced himself and in I went. I had a tri focal lens fitted and I couldn’t believe that there was no pain during the op only a very slight discomfort for about 30 seconds. Out I came to meet my husband with a rather attractive patch on. I had to keep it on til the following morning then put in the antibiotic drops given to me. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep! By 6 in the morning I was ready to take my patch off and was amazed how clearly I could see. Went for my check up in the morning then went sightseeing for the rest of the day, I could even read a map! Following day, second eye done. Next again day check up and flight home with my lovely new eyes. I have been home a month now and have finished with my eye drops and have had no problems at all. And I can see!
Prague is a lovely clean city, everywhere is just so clean. Our hotel was close to Wenceslas Square which is a real tourist area. Drinks and food are cheaper if you go slightly away from the square. My husband was very pleased to drink beer for the equivalent of a pound!
I cannot fault Praga Medica and am very pleased to recommend them to anyone thinking of going to Prague for treatment. The treatment cost is half the price I was quoted in the uk and their services are second to none. I would like to thank Monika, Rita and their colleagues and of course my surgeon and his medical team as they have changed my life.

Shona Elliott
Sat, 10 Sep 2016
Reviews – Eye Surgery – Trifocal lens replacement

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