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I had my lens,s replaced in January 2016. Regardless of where you have yours done I would suggest that you write a list of what you can see without glasses, remorse control, mobile phone, toothpaste writing, microwave clock, car instrument panel. It’s so easy to forget when you no longer need your glasses. I went for the ATLISA varifocals. I read that some people get halos afterwards. I thought this would be one round halo per eye. Not to be. Massive circles best described as a spiders web or shooting target. I got these round all bright lights. Traffic lights, car headlights, street lights and even the LED lights on things in the home. The worst were the orange street lights. They can be massive, several meters in diameter. Now, some 8 months later I don’t really notice them unless I focus on them. They are there but by and large they don’t bother me. I did feel a dull ache pain when the first eye was being operated on nothing serious but nevertheless It was enough for me to tell them to put extra drops in prior to the second one. The whole service was first class but I did go to A&E about 6 weeks after returning as my eyes were not settling. I needed more antibiotic drops. They said a good job was done in Prague but occasionally people need drops for a couple of weeks more. There was no follow up from anyone once I had returned home.. To be fair though at the massive savings that you get they really couldn’t afford to keep phoning people and one of the eye specialists said to me, in a year you will have forgotten all about it. That made me realise this may not be an overnight thing. It really is a conveyor belt system that you are on. Make no mistake, the treatment is excellent but it really is a case of “Next” the saving was fantastic. Including my air fares, train fares, hotel (I found cheaper to book even though it’s one that they use) all meals and a few shirts from C&A ( yup 2 X C&A in Wenclas Sq) I saved about £3,000.
Under poor light I sometimes can’t read very small or faint/certain colour print. If I do anything intricate I might pop a pair on + 2 ready readers.
My eyes do get a little dry now so I do use eye drops as a matter of course first and last thing daily.
Would I have it done if I knew all of this. Yes 100% I would. I just look at my list. It may be worth noting that 8 years previous I had laser eye surgery in Harley St. Results were fantastic for both near and far, unfortunately, age takes its toll, and close up was a real struggle and even distance started to be problematic. So whilst the lens implants did not have the wow factor everything is so much improved. I really didn’t want my eyes “burned” lasered a second time. Questions welcome bullfinchman at yahoo.co.uk hope this helps

Rich, UK
Fri, 26 Aug 2016
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