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We had an excellent service from Praga …

We had an excellent service from Praga Medica throughout for our IVF treatment. Having had two failed cycles in the UK we decided to try for an egg donor procedure and the whole package was far more affordable through PM having researched the options across Europe and beyond. Much more important, from first contact to last, the service was personalised, client centred and everything from travel, accommodation, clinic services, prescriptions etc was carefully overseen by Blanka and others on the team. Blanka was never anything other than wholly supportive even though it took us over a year from first contact to get to the first visit and consultation.

There was never anything left unexplained and, in what is a highly emotional context for most couples, the medical aspects of the procedures and the likely outcomes were explained clearly and without emotional overlay.

Regardless of the outcome we would recommend the professionalism and care of this service absolutely. As it is we are fortunate enough to have had a positive outcome.

We wish everyone well in their journey.

NIck Phillips, UK
Thu, 11 May 2017 
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