Testimonials – Mark Jones – Trifocal lens replacement with LenSx

Beautiful eyes! and beautiful professional careing staff..

I myself had been contemplating having this procedure for a long time, as my eyes had deteriorated over the years i had 20/20 all my life until say 46 years then had to start on reading glasses,. My job probably didnt help i was a hyperbaric welder, saturation diver/welder! Dim lighting eye strain and all that. Wearing glasses had become a hinderance, so switched to contacts for use inside diving helmet. Always seemed to lose or knock them out when in the diving bell which made life hell. I contacted Praga Medica after reading all the very good reviews i was particularly intrigued by a nice guy called Damien Warren who had written a review about his experience with praga medica, he had also mentioned that he would be happy for Rita to give his contact details out to other potential clients. Rita, and monica who i had heip from are lovely girls extremely nice people. I was until i talked to Damien very worried and didnt have the bottle to go ahead with the op! Damiens testiment was and symptoms and treatment were pretty much the same as my own, and like Damien i had been to Optimax Liverpool and had been quoted same, for me it really wasnt a money issue , eye sight cannot have a price tag. I wanted a really top professional surgeon, Dr Lubomir Tovarek whos credentials and experience really stood out way above others, was my choice. I am very very happy with the whole experience. Myself i had opted to have the operation by assisted femto second laser which has many benefits, safer etc, the only hiccup i seemed to have was i had developed photophobia and sensitive to bright light about 1 month after op. I contacted Rita who consulted the Doctor and promptly i was told this should get better with time and to use vita-pos at bed time. I visited my local eye clinic in Chester countess hospital . The clinic in Chester checked me over and said all looks fine, gave me some eye lubrication drops and night ointment xailin. And now my eyes are absolutely amazing like when i was a kid. I can read the smallest of print about half a millimetre. I can see everything close intermediate and at infinity brilliant. Glare and haloes have deminished not a problem driving and dont have to use glasses day or night, can see the car dash now!! May i say to Dr Lubomir, and the other Doctors and staff im extremely greatful. My wife Praew who accompanied me really liked Rita, and would like to thank her for all her help. Like Damien Warren who i would like to thank for his kind help, i too would be happy to let Rita give my contact details to her prospective patients.

Mark Jones,
Sun, 11 Sep 2016
Reviews – Eye Surgery – AT LISA Trifocal lens replacement with LenSx

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