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Breast Augmentation

This review is little wordy, sorry. And I’m writing it 3 months post-op so I can give an honest review of recovery and final results.

I live in Amsterdam and decided to travel to Prague for my surgery — it’s cheaper and the quality of medical treatment in CZ is widely regarded as best in Europe. After reading many online reviews, I emailed Praga Medica and connected with Lenka. She was amazing — great energy, extremely kind, and very comfortable to communicate with through this personal experience. I told her I wanted the surgery as soon as possible, and after a few consultation emails back and forth with before pics, she provided profiles for surgeons available ASAP. I selected Dr Padera at Perfect Clinic.

Three weeks later I traveled to Prague for my surgery. I flew with my husband and 1-year-old, and Lenka arranged a car service to pick us up from the airport WITH a car seat for my daughter. That was amazing. I had my surgery the following day, starting with an in-person consultation at 7:30AM. Lenka was with me the entire time to help with translation, to explain everything, to give advice when needed, and she just has an overall calming energy.

Dr Padera was great — he doesn’t speak great English, but communication didn’t suffer too much. I wanted modest sized, tear-drop implants, placed below the muscle. He listened to my needs and selected 290cc silicone implants for me, which I tried on with a bra to get a feel for the size and weight. My husband pushed a bit for a larger size (surprise surprise) but Dr Padera recommended against it, citing the thickness of my skin. He even offered to remove a mole I had on my torso, which was amazing since I was going to be under anesthesia anyways.

After some pre-op tests, I was in my private clinic room with my surgery gown on by 10AM. My husband was even able to squeeze in a (very affordable) botox appointment with them while we waited for my surgery, and his results were fantastic. Anesthesia makes me very nervous, but the surgery went well and I stayed at the clinic over night. Heads up: pain killers are given in suppository form.

They said I needed to wait at least 7 days before flying home. I’m not going to sugar coat it – the first week was very painful. After a day or two it was possible to take short walks around the city, but the pressure and tightness on my chest almost restricted my breathing a little bit and I got winded very quickly. Any movement that used my pectoral muscles was very painful, but after one week I really got my range of motion back and after two weeks felt almost completely normal again. Parents be warned: I couldn’t carry my daughter for the first few weeks, husbands will need to step it up 🙂

Now three months later i LOVE LOVE LOVE my results. I wore a compression bra with a strap (to push them downwards) for at least the first two months, and that really helped the way they settled. They look so natural – perfect shape, location, size. I went from a barely A cup to a modest C cup. When I show my friends they can’t believe they’re implants, the results are so natural and perky (great after having a baby). Total cost of everything was around €3,700. All in all, would definitely recommend to anyone!!!

However, here are a few negatives about my experience. All have to do with Perfect Clinic, and NOT Praga Medica:

– at one point the size and cost of my implants was discussed out loud in front everyone in the waiting room while I was standing there. I felt kind of awkward about that.
– i received mixed information about drinking water pre-surgery. All the paperwork (and Lenka) told me not to, but the anesthesiologist told me it was very, very important that I drink water pre-surgery and stay hydrated (pretty much as I was getting rolled into surgery).
– the medical forms I filled out were written in very bad English, which is a little concerning given that I’m about to trust them with a pretty major surgery. I must note that most of their patients are English-speakers, traveling to Prague for medical tourism. Perfect Clinic should have a fluent English-speaker proof read all the documents and correct bad grammar and spelling, otherwise it doesn’t feel legitimate.
– I required gluten-free food during my stay at the clinic because I have Celiac disease, which they said they would accommodate. But throughout my stay the nurses continued to bring me food with gluten, and insisted it was gluten free. They even brought me chicken noodle soup and told me to eat everything except the noodles because they have gluten in them – anyone with Celiac knows this is bizarre, and would result in getting very, very ill. You would think a medical clinic in 2016 would have knowledge on this very common disease, and how to accommodate it.
– nurses spoke little to no English. Good luck asking for anything.
– the painkillers they gave me when I checked out were extra-strength IBUPROFEN. That’s it – I asked for something stronger, and they said all the doctors were busy and couldn’t write a prescription for anything stronger.
– even though the results are amazing, the clinic does feel a little like a conveyer belt for cosmetic surgery – shuffling people in and out as quickly as possible. I scheduled a post-op appointment with my surgeon a week after surgery, and he didn’t remember who I was or what surgery I got. Little weird.

But still with these few negatives, I have no regrets and would visit this clinic again!!

Lucy, Amsterodam

Fri, 10 Feb 2017 

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