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Breast Lift with Implants

I talked about having a breast lift and Implants for over 10 years but decided to wait until after having kids. Thank goodness I waited because my breasts changed dramatically after breastfeeding 3 kids. My third child is now 2.5 years old and decided that the timing was right. After contacting the clinic I received and telephone call from Lenka. I had a great feeling immediately and knew I was in the right hands. All my friends and family were very concerned about me doing the treatment in CZ, but the costs for a lift + implants in Switzerland are three times the amount as in Prague.
After many emails and Photos sent back and forth we set a date. I arrived in Prague alone because my husband had to stay home with the kids and my mom planned to arrive a day later to take care of me. John and his wife picked me up from the airport and welcomed me with a warm smile. I received a phone and information about Prague. When we arrived at the hotel that they organized for me and Lenka was there waiting for me. We went together to the clinic and I met with Dr Pilka. Our consultation was fairly easy because I had done a lot of research and knew what I was interested in. We decided on 300cc Mentor implants with a T-shape lift.
The following morning Lenka picked me up from the Hotel and took me to the clinic. I had a cold sore on my lip so it was unsure if the OP was able to take place. But, after meeting with the Anasthesiologist and getting the “ok” I was prepared for surgery. In the meantime my mother arrived at the airport where she too was picked up and brought to the hotel. Lenka also called her to inform her after the surgery that everything went well. Then she organized a taxi for her to be brought from the hotel to the clinic after I had woken up from surgery. It was very painful after the surgery and the night was extremely hard because of the amount of pressure and pain on my chest made it difficult to breath. During the night the nurse was by me and kept telling me that the pain will get better, I just needed to wait. At this time I couldn’t imagine that I was suppose to leave the hospital the next day. In the morning I woke up and had more movement and less pain. I was able to go to the bathroom and walk around. Dr Pilka came and made a check up, took photos and I was allowed to leave the clinic. Lenka took me to my hotel where my mom was waiting for me. I had pain but as Lenka explained to me that I was not sick, so if I wanted to go sightseeing I could. She recommended to do stuff that I was comfortable with and when I felt tired I should take a break and rest. That’s exactly what I did… My mom and I spent the whole day sightseeing and I had no problems! I took it easy and walked slow, took breaks when needed, and got to see the beautiful city of Prague. The following day I flew home.
I just had my 10 day check up with my gynecologist and he is also very happy and impressed with the results. I go back to work and I’m looking forward to summer!
I have no regrets and in 10 years I will be back for an eye lift! I have already recommended PRAGA MEDICA to all my friends…

Laura U., Switzerland
Wed, 19 Apr 2017 
Reviews – Cosmetic Surgery – Breast  Augmentation with Mentor implants and lift

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