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Phakic ICL implantation

I chose Praga Medica purely from the reviews on their website. As I had no personal recommendation I was slightly wary when I first arrived there. However, I needn’t have been. The level of service was outstanding. I didn’t buy the extra package whereby they organise accommodation, etc. but when I arrived for my appointments, they had arranged for a translator to be present. I had previously enquired about eye surgery in Ireland & it was literally half the price to get it done at Praga Medica (including 2 trips – flights & accommodation), plus I got to visit the lovely city of Prague! They did the same pre-op tests, if not more. My eyesight was too bad to be eligible for laser surgery, so I opted for phakic lens insertion. All the staff I met were very helpful & knowledgeable. They were able to clearly explain my options, answer any questions I had & were very reassuring. Not at one stage did I ever feel nervous. I felt I was in good hands. The operation was carried out in a different building to the usual clinic. It appeared very well organised, sterile, etc. I was asked if wanted a pill to help keep calm & that worked really well. I was in the operating room for about 15 minutes. The staff were very friendly. There was absolutely no pain & all I could see was blurry lights (due to anaesthetic eye drops). Wearing the eye patch afterwards was no problem & I didn’t feel at all groggy, so I was able to walk back to my accommodation. I even went out to a concert that evening. When I took the first eye patch off, I was expecting to see really clearly (after reading other reviews) but my view was blurry at first. It was only after I had both eyes done & no patch on that I could see what a difference it made. I had high pressure in one eye after the operation, but was given a tablet for that & the pressure was back to normal by the check up the next morning. I can see halos around lights, but it is now a week later & that is improving already. I have to take eye drops for 4 weeks (which is fine). After more than 30 years wearing glasses/contact lenses, it’s amazing to be able to see so well without them. I keep thinking I need to take out my contact lenses! I would recommend Praga Medica without any hesitation & only wish I’d gone there years ago.

Jane Labat, Ireland
Thu, 04 May 2017 
Reviews – Vision correction – Phakic ICL – Intraocular lens implants

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