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Lens Replacement Surgery

I had monocular lens replacement in both eyes last week through Praga Medica. I opted for monocular lens replacement because I play squash and tennis and need perfect distance and middle distance vision, and did not want a potential halo effect around the squash or tennis court lights. i accepted that I will still need reading glasses. I opted for the service package (70 euros) so a driver named John picked us up at the airport. I choose a hotel directly across the street from the clinic which I would highly recommend. There were a few. Prague uses the Czeck Kroner, some places take euros.. The clinic is about 30 mins from the airport. Everyone at the clinic speaks English well, except for the nurses, and there are translators who can help out. There were quite a few British patients. They do about 15 patients (both eyes) each week so they do a lot of lens replacement surgeries. Patients were having either trifocal lenses or monofocal lenses put in amongst the British group last week. On the first day of surgery you will wait for about an hour while drops are being placed. Everyone is anxious, as we were all worried about being in a foreign country and having eye surgery…it’s nerve wracking. But they have the procedure down to a science, and it went smoothly. You have your non-dominant eye done first.. You wear an eye patch once the first eye is done and can take it off the next morning. I had shimmering crescents in my lateral vision, which was very concerning but told it was normal, and they are almost gone this week. They say that resolves in 2 weeks. It’s hard wandering around with an eye patch on so would recommend just taking it easy. The second eye is done 48 hours later and again the eye patch goes on until the next day. On the final day after the eye check we did a tour of the City, and some shopping and my vision was so much better. I brought my son with me, and would recommend that you bring someone with you. Mainly because you are dealing with foreign money, a different city, wearing an eye patch for 24 hours x 2, feeling a bit vulnerable and it’s reassuring to have someone with you. A very professional operation. The eye surgeon is excellent. My vision is vastly improved. Prague is beautiful as well. John dropped us back at the airport and just like that, it was over and went very well.

Ashley Mears, Scotland
Wed, 14 Jun 2017 
Reviews – Vision correction – Laser assisted RLE
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