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We are based in the UK and have had a really positive experience using Praga Medica. From the start we were nervous about what to expect as our experience with IVF in private clinics in the UK wasn’t great considering the huge costs. Despite the costs of flights, accommodation and treatment, it was still a massive saving for us. We wouldn’t have been in a financial position to try another time in the UK.
Happily we were successful the first time with a donor egg and are at 5 weeks now. Still early days. Despite this positive outcome we are still in contact with Blanka, our translator. She has made the whole process stress free. There is enough stress while undergoing IVF as it is but having treatment in a foreign country would add hugely to this. We didn’t have any stress, with Blanka always at hand to offer advice and help. My husband came out for the first visit but couldn’t be there for the transfer. I arranged my own accommodation through AirBNB, which was a 15 minute walk to the clinic. I had a whole apartment to myself so didn’t have to worry about the expense of eating out all the time. It was 5 mins walk to a huge shopping centre with a massive Tesco’s. My husband flew out 2 days after the transfer and we made a holiday out of it. I think the down time after the transfer helped with the positive result. Blanka has remained on hand for advice which I am extremely grateful for. UK clinics basically washed their hands of me immediately after the transfer.
I would highly recommend Praga Medica and Dr Jan Rapsa and if you get a choice request Blanka.
Tips: if you can arrive the day before and plan on walking to the clinic, maybe check out the route the day before so you don’t panic about getting lost or being late ( or take a cab, but it’s soooo close)
Also make sure you have counted your remaining medication correctly; I miscounted and had to arrange a Czech prescription, which my UK GP took 3 days to transfer in to UK script. That was the most stressful part of the whole procedure.
Be aware that on the day of the transfer you will be changing and waiting in a ward like room with other women all waiting for treatment. I had a private room in UK so not sure if it’s common but it threw me slightly as I wasn’t expecting it. No real big deal though if you know to expect it.
Fingers crossed we will have 1 or 2 babies in November 🙂
Anon, England
Sat, 01 Apr 2017 
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