Testimonial – Wish Upon A Star – Egg Donor

My husband and I just celebrated our 6th anniversary this year — I mean REALLY celebrating, because this year our dreams came true with the help of Praga Medica. Last year, we had pretty much given up on our hopes for a child of our own. We heard about Praga Medica and made an telephone appointment with Dr. Alexander via coordinator Zdenek. The course of action that he recommended for our situation was IVF with an egg donor. Upon making the decision to go forward, Zdenek immediately began providing us with all of the information that we needed to begin our journey. It was overwhelming at first, but Zdenek was there every time to answer all of our questions and help us prepare for the procedure. I looked forward to my visits, knowing that Praga Medica had a true understanding of what I was going through. From my husband and myself, we can never express enough gratitude to Dr. Alexander, Zdenek and the entire staff at Praga Medical for what they have done for us. These people really do help people to make their dreams come true! Our lives have been changed by the realization of our new family, and we could never have done it without them. Our deepest and most heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes out to you!

Wish Upon A Star, Canadal
06th December 2012
IVF / Egg Donor

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