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Two weeks later our beta hCG test came back positive.Many thanks to all of them!
My partner and I live in Bulgaria. We have had 4 failed IVF attempts, and decided that our best option would be to try with donor eggs. We found information about Praga Medica on the internet. It was exactly the testimonials of all the satisfied customers, which made us choose their services. We initiated contact and within a couple of days we were already planning. Jana was assisting us with all the details: booking appointment with a doctor, hotels, transportation etc. She was thorough, prompt, and really friendly. She sat up an appointment over Skype with Dr. Polakova, who in turn answered all of our questions and explained the whole procedure in detail. Everything was planned and a month and a half later we were in Prague. We decided to take one trip (instead of two shorter ones) and stay there for a couple of weeks. We were picked up at the airport by the driver Jan who was friendly and pleasant. We took this opportunity to have a nice vacation in Prague. The city is amazing. The hotel, which Jana booked for us, was great and very reasonably prised. We had our first appointment at the Gest clinic the day after our arrival. What I liked about it is that the place was very peaceful and everybody was nice and polite. Contrary to my previous experiences, everything seemed completely stress free. Over the next days, Dr. Polakova and Jana from Praga Medica kept in touch with us over the telephone and updated us on the progress of our donor. We had chosen the Egg Donation Maximim program and we were very pleased to learn that five days after the fertilization we had 8 expanded blastocysts. So we had 6 to freeze! The embryo transfer was performed by Dr. Alexander and to my surprise it was completely painless. We travelled back the next day. Two weeks later our beta hCG test came back positive. Needless to say, we are really happy, of course a bit scared, and hopeful that the pregnancy will progress smoothly. Our entire experience in Prague was fantastic. I countribute our success both to the staff at the Gest clinic, Dr. Polakova and Dr. Alexander who were great, but also to Jana’s efforts making everything easy and pleasant for us. Many thanks to all of them!

Vessy, Bulgaria
09th August 2015
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