Testimonial – Sue Bradley – Vision correction – RLE with trifocal lenses

I chose to go to Prague for my lens replacements because a friend of mine had been for the same treatment an highly recommended Praga Medica . I e mailed Praga Medica and Katerina replied within half an hr ! Katerina was very helpful with all my questions and arranged for me to be picked up at the airport by John (a very nice man ) who took me to my hotel , gave me a mobile phone with 20 euro credit for my use , Katerina also arranged for me to be picked up at my hotel an took to clinic for my eye examinations by Anna a lovely girl who spoke good English and helped me throughout my stay by accompanying me also for my medical examination and also my treatment , she also took pictures of the procedure for me . I can see perfectly now and it’s only been 4 days ! I would recommend Praga Medica to anyone looking at this treatment . Also I must add that the treatment itself is painless and takes only 10 minutes per eye .

Sue Bradley
21st February 2017
Review: Vision correction – RLE with trifocal lenses