Testimonial – Stephanie – Breast reduction

I had saline breast implants about 6 years ago. They were not horrible but at this point they are just too big for my small frame plus they were sagging and causing me some minor neck and back pain. I consulted with three London surgeons on having removal and reduction/lift – two on Harley St – and all three insisted I should have another set of implants, despite my decision that I just wanted them out and would be OK with much smaller breasts. In frustration, I looked at Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic for a surgery centre. I selected Praga Medica and have been delighted by the results. The service I got from Veronika was excellent – she looked after me extremely well. The Perfect Clinic and Dr Padera were first rate. He did not even try to talk about implants after I said I wanted them out. I checked the clinic and Dr Padera carefully before I went and did not find anything to be concerned about; in fact, quite the opposite. I got exactly the new breasts I wanted AND at a fraction of the price quoted to me in England. I know some people have horror stories to tell, but definitely not me. I will say, it is somewhat odd when English is not your healthcare providers’ first language. But I also have to say I received excellent, personal care and attention. My only complaint about this experience was at the clinic where I stayed two nights the air conditioning made such a loud noise I couldn’t use it. Luckily it wasn’t terribly warm. The food was good at the clinic and the nurses checked on me regularly and brought me any thing I asked for promptly. I also liked the apartment
where I stayed after. Veronika even helped me to find a tour of Prague to go on, which amazingly I was able to do four days post-op. So, high marks for the experience and the outcome. A big thank you to all involved.

Stephanie, London, UK
26th June 2012
Implant removal/breast reduction

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