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United Kingdom

Hi everyone,

I attended Prague to the eye hospital NeoVise overseen by Helena of Praga medical for RLE Surgery. I had trifocal lens fitted and an astigmatism also corrected. I was totally impressed with the professionalism of Both the hospital staff and Helena my overseas coordinator. I was particularly impressed with how helpful Helena was as I was sick on the first day and she helped rearrange the consultations on Tuesday. So here I am in week three recovering well. I’ve nearly finished using the antibiotic drops and my vision is coming along very nicely. My reading ability is excellent no glasses needed. I’m still a little blurry with distance but better than when previously wearing contacts. By the way my prescription before was +7 and I’m 51 so I got to the point where glasses and lens were a real hindrance to my life. Also I was at the end of most lens manufacturers prescription. My only regret is not having this surgery 5 years ago. I have Halos around lights but I’m assured my brain will adjust over a few months. To be fair it’s already improved. I use computers in my work so Trifocals were a perfect choice. Looking forward to continuing to improve my distance vision although I’m cycling to work and can see very well already. Don’t hesitate this will change your life forever.

Spencer C. Portsmouth, UK
Tue, 12 Feb 2019
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