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Super efficient, professional, skillful and sensitive
We are a couple in our early to mid 40s. After having had two rounds of normal IVF in London with no success, we decided on egg donation to improve our chances and speed up things up. We were informed by our London clinic that there was most likely a considerable wait of 3 to 6 months with them, so we decided to look for alternatives. We found Praga Medica after reading a Guardian article and then online reviews, all of which seemed positive so we decided to give it a go – we’re so glad we did. The initial online and email registration process was quick and efficient and once through this we travelled out within the next week or so. The clinic itself is just outside of the centre of Prague in a nice residential area. The first consultation took a couple of hours and went very smoothly and we were informed that, if we went for the ‘Shared egg’ option (whereby we were guaranteed 4 quality eggs from a donor), then there was a donor ready that would fit in with my cycle within three weeks! The initial medication was provided during the visit to avoid complications with prescriptions in the UK. The donor IVF medications are much less invasive, disruptive and complicated than for standard IVF, making the whole process considerably less fraught. Once back in the UK we were regularly updated about progress and the egg collection. The embryo transfer, as with everything, was handled super efficiently and professionally but sensitively. Because we were using donor eggs, the transfer of two embryos at the stage of an expanded blastocyst was possible, which gives the best possible chance of success. Again, all of the medicine required for the coming weeks/months was sorted out while we were over in Prague and the whole process from initial contact to transfer took a scarcely believable 6 weeks. In terms of time commitment in Prague, the first consultation can be fitted into an overnight stay while transfer required us to stay in Prague for 5 days, but hey, it’s a lovely city to spend some time in! Also, it meant I was much more relaxed than having to fit scans and appointments around normal life back in London. Finally, we are delighted to say that I am now pregnant and all the tests done to-date (we are at 7-8 weeks), are on track so our fingers are crossed. We would therefore just like to thank Praga Medica and all of the staff that we dealt with – Monika, Jana and Blanka – for their great professionalism and skill (egg transfer in Monika’s hands was quite different to our experience in London) but also the care and compassion that they show to their clients: they realise that you’re not buying a car and treat you accordingly. While this may sound like it should be a given, it was in complete contrast to our experience at the London Fertility Centre, which was not just cold to the point of rudeness at times but also (unforgivably) disorganised. Praga Medica couldn’t have been more different in terms of an experience and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

-, UK
22nd September 2014
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