Testimonial – Rob Gray – Vision correction – Trifocal lens exchange with LenSX

United Kingdom

‘Come in Mr. Bond, We’ve been expecting you…………

The Praga Medica and Trustpilot reviews run consistently at 5* for eye surgery of differing treatments. I had laser assisted lens replacement with multifocal Alcon lenses 10 days ago. I had paid (actually a lot of money) for assessment at a leading London West End clinic and, frankly felt it all to be a rather humdrum and disjointed process by nice but rather bored and casually dressed optometrists. Then the costs landed. Had I felt ‘loved’ I would probably have signed there and then and queued for what I am sure would have been world class treatment. My friends treated there testify to great success. But I decided that ‘the love’ was more directed to wallet than me. I am sure I was mistaken but that’s how it felt.

The Czech Republic has a long history of excellence in many medical disciplines and is rightfully proud of this history – not least in outstanding dentistry well before the present era. Thus, research led to eye treatment options and the documented history of success of Dr. Tovarek and his team including Dr. Jana Miksovska and Dr. Eva Jerhotova both of whom I saw and whose assessments I greatly appreciated.

So wherein lies the difference apart from money? Frankly in many areas. PM appreciates that having your eyes messed about with is a really scary thought of itself. Mine worked OK but I was getting compromised in my work and hobbies. But PM knows that to have your eyes messed about with far from home in a foreign country with a rather linguistically individual language is doubly scary. So they hold your hand all the way through until the fear evaporates. Jan, super top man, collects you from the airport and takes you to your hotel – usually a short walk from the clinic. And then a charming language student (Anna and then Sharka)collect you from the hotel to make sure you don’t make a run for it. They were there to top up student finances but were every bit as committed as everyone else. A credit to PM in their kindness and diligence.

The clinic is in an unpretentious building but, on entering, the staff are professionally attired and conduct themselves with friendly but serious demeanour through the multiple and thorough tests and assessments. The next day features a general medical in an independent clinic and, frankly, I would take the option of bringing along a pre-baked medical from home. The phlebotomist on bloods, I am sure is charming with her mates; it was just that I was obviously not one of them……… so be it.

Onwards to the first treatment where (Sharka – great sense of humour) you get the non-dominant eye operated on first. The ritual has been described in other reviews ad infinitum but basically the nurse (I called her Cruella although she was clearly wonderful) puts repetitive slightly stinging anaesthetic drops in your eyes as you are lined up for your turn when fully numb and dilated. Then you the door opens from what is a rather mundane holding area into a modern state-of-the-art theatre with what must be godzillions of kit – hence the intro – ‘Come in Mr. Bond etc………’ Super modern. On meeting, Dr.Tovarek comes across as someone who wants to be the best in the world at what he does and not just the richest man in the world at what he does. I am far too stupid and have no way of testing that – but felt immediately that, with his nurses, I was in the hands of great competence. Frankly, anyone who tells you it is ho-hum is gilding it a bit. No, it does not hurt but I’m glad I have two eyes and not four. It is soon over – bright lights and swirly things and a subdued and soothing commentary from Dr. T, on with your bandage, sit up, gather your thoughts, collect your clothes and wonder. And wander back to the hotel. I knew I was not blind because I could see the back of the bandage.

Back to the clinic the next day – the bandage had fallen off so eye drops de rigeur. I had reached for my glasses to watch the news – hmmm – glasses made it worse. At the clinic with Dr. Eva looking into my eyes (absolutely no hardship there) and then to the printed sheet. Astonishing – I could read the micro print on the bottom line. Rest of the day off and a wander around Prague. Walking fine but a slightly odd sensation as the old brain tries to work out why the non-dominant right eye is suddenly dominant. I tried to walk over a bridge and got fuzzy vertigo and so it was bridge or bar. No guidance on that one.

Next day (the Friday) and back to the surgical building and the repeat process and meeting the familiar faces of your fellow patients with the graveyard humour. Dr T was clearly keen to know about the outcome first op. Then head in the cupped headrest – and the same painless but slightly disconcerting process. Bandage, handshake and back to the hotel via the bistro opposite and – wait.

As before, the bandage gave up – and the room lit up. An early Saturday appointment with Dr Eva and the reading card – all as good as the last one. Jan came to the hotel for the transfer to the airport for a lunchtime flight – to say that he was unable to drive me himself but had brought his wife with their baby (Jacob?) to drive me to the airport – ‘if that’s OK’. More than OK it was such a human touch to round off a very fulfilling experience.

So this has been an over-long narrative for which I offer apologies to those of you still persevering. Snapshot? World class treatment and attention to patient welfare. Professional attitude and conduct. State-of-the-art equipment and expertise as far as I can discern.

Finally, the front office run-up with Helena and Monika – extraordinary client-facing attention to detail and swift responses. With the throughput of the clinic one wonders when they sleep or if they do.
Rob Gray
20th October 2017
Dr. Lubomir Tovarek
Review – Vision correction – Trifocal lens exchange with LenSX

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