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“Great customer experience with these guys”
“Over the years I had ground down my front teeth to half their original length in my sleep so I needed significant remedial treatment to ensure I didn’t lose them completely. I had my 6 upper front teeth crowned (porcelain) at once and although it was an uncomfortable experience having that many done at the same time, Dr. Teleshman and his team were incredibly accommodating to my all my questions and needs. The clinic is very clean and modern which further put me at ease.
Great customer experience with these guys. As I live in Australia, I knew I was taking a risk having such an important procedure done in a foreign country literally on the opposite side of the world. Initial correspondence put me at ease due to Patrik’s prompt and professional guidance. I can’t speak for the other services they offer but I would highly recommend Praga Medica for anyone looking to have significant work done on their teeth.”

Rhion, Australia
13 Nov 2017
Reviews – Dentistry – Dental crowns

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