Testimonial – Phil Osborne – Vision correction – Refractive Lens Exchange – Trifocal Lenses

First of all the package to/from the airport and all care included was very efficient and smooth running. All those involved in preperation for surgery were great. Both days for each eye was quick, easy and no pain. After affects just as said – bright night lights now cooled off after 2-3 weeks. I still have a little glare in the day but not unpleasent. And is improving. Still small cresents in the corners of my eyes also definitly getting less noticable.

Phil Osborne, UK
22 Dec 2017
Reviews – Vision correction – Refractive Lens Exchange – Trifocal Lenses


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Overall, I'm very pleased with RLE replacement surgery by Praga Medica.

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After 11 years of trying and one attempt with Praga Medica baby V. was welcomed.

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My treatment at Praga Medica was 1st class.

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