Testimonial – Peter – Vission correction – Laser eye surgery


“I thought that they were well-organized and that the staff were competent”
“I had a LASIK procedure done at Praga Medica. The price was good and after doing extensive research on clinics in Prague, I felt that this was the best possible choice for me. I looked at reviews online and saw what other patients were saying about the clinic. I also had the chance to call them up and speak to them directly. I’m very happy with the choice I made and the treatment I received.
The setup of the clinic itself impressed me. I thought that they were well-organized and that the staff were competent. They did get in touch with me after the surgery, but follow-ups were unnecessary seeing as there were no problems. I’m completely healed now, but I still get halos around car lights at night. However, I was told this is entirely normal after the procedure I’ve had, and that it should clear up with some time. In terms of price, there were no nasty surprises because I paid the same price I found online. I don’t think you’d find a better eye clinic anywhere and I’d recommend Praga Medica to anyone in need of eye treatments.”

Peter, France
Dec 29 2017
Reviews – Vision correction – Laser eye surgery

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