Testimonial – Perky – Breast Reduction and lift

At first I was a bit sceptical about traveling abroad to have the procedure done. I had stumbled across the website after hearing about an acquaintance traveling to Prague for cosmetic surgery. I decided to make contact with the clinic and I was not disappointed. From the first point of contact (initiallywith Veronika and subsequently Petra) until the day that I was discharged, I received tip top service and care.Petra dealt with all my questions, concerns and queries promptly and efficiently. She even met me at my hotel to walk with me to the clinic. On the morning of my op I met with my surgeon for a consultation. Her demeanour and attitude reassured me that all would be well and that I would be in good, professional hands. My procedure was a success and I am already loving my new, perky look. The nursing staff was amazing – checking up very often to see if they could make my stay even more comfortable. I am still healing and I am trying to be patient, as it does take a while to heal. I cannot wait to go out to buy matching underwear – which was a far away dream a couple of weeks ago! Thank Goodness, I had no infection and just did what my doc ordered. I definitely highly recommend Praga Medica.
Thank you for making my dream come true!

Perky, Germany
Fri, 20 Apr 2016
Reviews – Plastic Surgery – Breast Reduction and lift

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