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Since the Google reviews are pretty lacking for this clinic, I thought I’d add my thoughts in more detail. I was hesitant initially to pursue this route (I live in the US), but after Jana’s quick return email and consistently excellent contact my fears went away. From start to finish, this clinic and all those we came into contact with were timely and professional. I took off one star only because the travel cost to the clinic in Prague were astronomical from the states – ranging from $1500-3200/ticket. I didn’t take that into account when I initially priced things out. But luckily my husband and I were able to use buddy passes to travel there, so that helped a ton! The other reason for docking one star was because I found myself having to ask for clarification on instructions quite a few times. The medication ended up having a different name in the states and it was confusing trying to sort that out. Also, our doctor and time of the embryo transfer procedure were changed at the last minute due to holiday schedules, so that was a bit frustrating. But all in all, it was a very positive experience. Prague was a beautiful experience and the Czech people were surprisingly friendly. Everything ran smoothly – from meeting Driver John to taking tours of the villages. I would just definitely recommend getting the travel service package so you have one less thing to worry about! Now home, and having waited the agonizing 2-weeks, I just took my first pregnancy test and it was … positive on our first try! Highly recommend!

Anonymous, USA
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