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We chose to go with this clinic because the statistics were good, the cost was competitive and the treatment abroad representative assigned to us had been so personally attentive and informative during the time we were deciding which clinic to go with. I am 40 and we had 1 previous IVF/ICSI long protocol treatment in the UK in early 2014. This time we had ICSI [the short protocol] and I stayed out there for the duration of the treatment in order to have all scans carried out by the clinic. Unfortunately our treatment was not successful [which of course we don’t blame the clinic for]. Positives for the clinic: Cost – the cost for treatment in London with any of the clinics stating a similar rate of success to this clinic for my age were double the cost of the treatment abroad and we couldn’t afford them. As the costs in London were too expensive for us we looked at a number of clinics abroad and this clinic was competitive cost-wise and had good reviews. Attentive and personal communication – when we were still in the UK trying to work out
who to go with and how the process worked, the treatment abroad representative for this clinic was really helpful and gave us the time needed to feel secure about our decision. The representative is not medically trained but is your contact for any administrative queries. Equipment – We learnt that they had had their embryo analysis equipment for some years which was only just being introduced in our local NHS hospital at the time so we felt their equipment would be more advanced than we had experienced in our NHS treatment and had come to believe that the embryo handling stage was pretty critical to the success of the treatment. The clinic is small and seemed efficiently run and we felt the consultants were experienced and confident in their field. Negatives of the clinic: The main issue is that we did not feel as guided as we would have liked by the medical consultants regarding the treatment – you are given a complete list of treatments available but we also would have benefited from written information on what these processes mean, including
statistics relevant to our age / fertility issues etc and also some time to discuss this with the experts in relation to our particular history so we can make informed decisions about a relevant treatment. We ended up Googling certain options to try to decide if they were suitable for us but there is an argument for everything on Google so this is not always helpful. We would also have benefited from general information relating to staying in Prague to have a resource for what to do / who to call if you have questions or health issues out of hours. Overall we felt with a bit more guidance and information then this would still be a good option as it is an efficient and professional clinic. The treatment is also offered at a lower cost than if we had carried out the equivalent treatment in London and so I would still recommend it on that basis.

Ms, UK
28th December 2014
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