Testimonial – Ms caselton – Dentistry – Dental implants and crowns

I would like to thank Dr Teleshman and all the staff at Praga Medica for their excellent work both on my worn out teeth, and in their care with making me feeling welcome and comfortable in Prague. I had 5 implants over 3 visits, i am very happy with the results. I will recommend them to anyone.

Ms caselton, UK
10 Oct 2017
Reviews – Dentistry – Dental implants and crowns

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Testimonial – Joanne Reeves – Cosmetic surgery – Mini Facelift

United Kingdom

Well here in prague now after surgery and all is good up to now. Booked through praga  medica but had my op over at medicom clinic. The clinic are out of this world very clean and hygienic

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Testimonial – Dagmara John – IVF Fertility treatment – IVF Cycle Abroad

United Kingdom

After having quite bad experience in the UK where nobody really cared and basic treatment, Praga Medica helped us to make our dream of a family come true.

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FOTO Testimonial – US couple – IVF Fertility treatment – the cutest smile

United States

The cutest smile sends a gorgeous baby girl from a lovely US couple

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