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Miracle Workers!! Male Factor Infertility.

By early 2016 we were looking for an IVF clinic that would be more responsive to our needs, compared to the clinic we had been going to in Oxford.

I was prone to PCOS, but our main issue was male factor infertility. We stumbled upon Praga Medica and their infertility service at Gest Clinic in Prague. The prices were reasonable and so much cheaper than the UK. The facilities top notch with the latest of everything.

My husband was asked to provide a sperm sample to potentially freeze on our first consultation visit in April. As he suffers from oligospermia we were not holding our breath for a positive outcome (despite the regiment of supplements the had been taking for 3 months).

To our surprise the clinic said the sample was good enough to freeze even though they only found 5 sperms we had 5 vials?! This had us completely confused.

We had done a TESE a couple of years earlier and had to decide whether to pay over £1,000 to transfer the two vials left of the TESE sample to Gest clinic or disregard it and trust that the embryologists would achieve a miracle with the frozen sample and a fresh sample on the day. We decided to have a little faith.

In July we came back for our short protocol cycle. All medications were Czech. I reacted very well to the stimulation (23 eggs collected). Although you pay for a general health test before egg collection it is worth it. It picked up that I was slightly anaemic.

We got to have a chat with the embryologist before they set out to fertilise the eggs and were told there was a 50/50 probability that half the eggs would have to be fertilised by donor sperm. The embryologist clearly saw how much we did not want that to be the outcome, but due to the poor sperm samples nothing was guaranteed.

The wait seemed to take all afternoon. The embryologists looked through the sperm with magnifiers and in the end 13 eggs were fertilised and ALL by my husbands sperm!!!

All we can say is a BIG THANK YOU to the embryologists. To me they are superstars! No clinic in the UK would have ever even bothered searching for sperm in such poor samples!

Not only did 13 get fertilised but we ended up with six perfect day 5 embryos to put in the freezer and two perfect day 2 embryos to put back in the womb. We chose Embryo Monitoring.

I cannot thank the Praga Medica team and Blanka in particular, enough for taking such good care of us. Every thing was easily organise from taxi rides to acupuncture. It made the whole experience, so much smoother and carefree. And when the clinic consultant tried to steer us in another direction Blanka was the one who advised “this is YOUR IVF, do what YOU want” and we did.

We had a day 2 transfer on a Saturday no less. The doctor on call for the transfer was so reassuring in the 10mins it took to do the transfer, he was like someone’s nice grandpa. 🙂

2 weeks later we were pregnant with twins. One embryo stopped developing at 8 weeks. But it’s now been 3 months and we are still pregnant!

We are hoping to make it to the end. We would never have gotten this far without Praga Medica and Gest Clinic and we would highly recommend them to anyone.

MrsRichard, UK
18 Oct 2017
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