Testimonial – Marc- RLE

I went to Prague on 24 June for a set of pre-op eye examinations to see if I was suitable for Refractive Lens Exchange as I was told in the UK that I couldn’t have laser surgery. The cost of RLE in the UK is very high and so I looked elsewhere and came across Praga Medica who, even when bearing in mind the cost of the flights and hotels/eating etc, would work out much cheaper over all. I studied all the reviews – looking for bad experiences/problems but there were very few and so I took the plunge and contacted them in late May. With my last set of eye readings suggesting that RLE may well be possible for me, we agreed a date for my eye examinations. Up to that point contact with David at Praga Medica by email and on the phone had been excellent. I knew the potential cost – roughtly £3000 euros for both eyes – and had instructions on how to get from the airport to the clinic where the tests were to be carried out. I arrived 15 minutes late after getting out at the wrong metro stop (the metro is actually very easy to use, but it was quite crowded and I could only see the first two letters of see the station name and got out at Mustek instead of Muzeum where I should have changed onto a second line).

At the clinic I was met by Martina who sat with me through most of the tests and I was able to chat with her and find out what was happening and about the Czech Republic. She was very nice. Most of the staff at the clinic speak some English anyway, but not all and so Martina’s help was very useful. Some of the tests were similar to one’s I’d had in the UK, but there were others too. They were very thorough and after about 2.5hrs all was going swimmingly when the doctor came across a problem with my corneas which showed up when my eyes were dilated. Basically I was told that were I to have the RLE it would result in worse eyesight for me due to my corneal problem. This was obviously a disappointment as I had set my mind on ridding myself of glasses but, at the end of the day, I was glad I was told straight and that the procedure stopped there and then. It was no go and there was no attempt at all for Praga Medica to push me for any other treatment or alternatives as it simply couldn’t be done and that was that.

So, overall a disappointment for me that I couldn’t live a life without glasses, but my impression of Praga Medica and the  clinic are of professional people who are very thorough and will tell you straight if there is a problem. Most people won’t encounter issues and I have every confidence in them using Praga medica. One last thing, I did ask for and receive a report on my eyes which I hope that the UK opticians take a good look at now I’m back to looking for goggles again!

Marc Dorman, UK
14th July 2014

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