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United Arab Emirates

After our 3rd unsuccessful IVF, we opted to seek consultation outside UAE. We read several successful stories from couples who had treatment in Prague. So we got curious and contacted the clinic Praga Medica. Veronika answered our queries promptly and provided us all the information we needed. Dr. Alexander explained to us the plan during the Skype consultation. Veronika sent us the detailed schedule that we followed, regarding the medications and ultrasound that we needed prior to our trip to Prague. Veronika arranged for us acupuncture before and after the embryo transfer. My husband was also present during the embryo transfer. We went home 3 days after the embryo transfer. Everything went smoothly. We prayed a lot before, during and after the procedure. And this is the first time in our 9 years of marriage that i got a BFP. We are really thankful to God for answering our prayers thru Praga Medica. They are all very helpful especially Veronika and Dr Alexander. We highly recommend Praga Medica to all couples who are having difficulty conceiving.

LsmF, United Arab Emirates
Sat, 27 Jan 2018
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