Testimonial – Kirsty – IVF

I would recommend this clinic to anyone.
My experience in visiting Praga Medica and going through egg donation was excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend the clinic to others. My partner and I visit Prague initially and Dr Alexander thoroughly explained the whole process, I then visited the second time on my own for the embryo transfer. We were lucky to obtain 2 good embryos to transfer whilst another 3 were frozen. This was my 5th IVF, I had only been to Spain before but this was my first time in Prague. What made the experience different, and so much less stressful, was not just the option to arrange all your picks ups from and to the airport, hotel and clinic, but overall it was just a much more personal experience, I did not feel I was on a conveyor belt as I had done previously. A big part of this reassurance was the support and understanding of Jana the co ordinator who was super efficient with great English and responded very quickly to any queries. It was always nice to see her friendly face waiting to meet you when you arrived at the clinic. I did a test this morning, slightly prematurely, and it was positive. I am more than delighted.

Kirsty, UK
30th June 2014
Fertility Treatment

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