Testimonial – Kent – Cataract Surgery

My experience with Praga Medica was outstanding. David capably assisted me through all of the arrangements and made sure everything was in order for my care. I was told precisely what to expect and given clear costs for each aspect of the treatment, accommodation, and service. The medical treatment was clearly laid out and I had a very clear understanding of how everything would proceed. When I arrived in Prague I was met by Veronika who was wonderful with her assistance in getting me to the hotel and then to my various medical appointments. The hotel was quite nice and in a beautiful part of Prague. The staff at the clinic was friendly and professional. The medical care was state-of-of-the art. When all was completed, John took me to from my hotel to the airport. Everything went precisely as described. It was smooth and efficient. There was nothing that surprised me and every cost was exactly as described prior to the trip. I fully recommend Praga Medica without hesitation.

Kent, USA
18th March 2013
Cataract Surgery

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