Testimonial – Joseph P. Lowe – Cataract surgery

Very Professional, Customer’s care wellbeing and Honest. Very rare nowadays in the Health Professions.
Cataracts surgery with bifocal lenses.
When driving became a hazard for me due to cataracts in both my eyes, I decided that it is time to have the operation.
Like any operations, there are risks associated with it. I did an exhaustive research online in the US, where I resided and other countries and talked to various ophthalmologists.
I came across Praga Medica and corresponded with Rita. She was very professional and prompt in answering my questions and list the prices for the operations.
Praga Medica was the only one that reply to my questions within a day’s time due to our time differences. I have waited for answers from others that takes them at least 4 days and as long a 1 week. Some in the State will not even answer your questions but pressure you to visit their offices. Not so with Praga Medica. Rita are always prompt in answering any questions that your may have.
Well, I am embarking in something that will change my life. Everyone will tell you that cataract surgery nowadays are commonplace and success rate is over 90%. But, there is that big but. Anything can happen and of course each individual are different.
I read all the testimonials about Praga Medica and could not find any faults. The doctors are well established and Dr. Lubomir Tovarek who was going to do the surgeries have undergone 20,000 plus operations. That put my jitters to rest.
So, I decided to have a nice vacation in Prague as well as to have the Cataract Surgeries there.
I choose to have the Bifocal IOL and the Femtosecond Laser procedure.
I set up the schedule with Rita, pay the deposit require and from that time on everything run smoothly.
My wife and I was met at the airport upon arrival by John, was given a map and a local cellphone with the contact numbers and took us to our hotel which is on 2 minutes away from the clinic. We had 3 days to visit around Old City of Prague which we did by walking as it is very easy to find your way because of the various Landmarks that it is impossible to get lost. We have just a great time and the city is very beautiful.
Tuesday June 14, we were met at the hotel by Marketa who took us by tram to the health clinic for my health exam prior to the eyes’s operations. Later on the same day, we were met by Helena who took us to the clinic which is only 3 minutes from our hotel. The staffs at the clinic are very courteous and friendly and I lost count on the various different offices for the eye examinations and they are very professional. Finally all is confirmed and the operation will be the next day.
Wednesday June 15, we were met by Helena at the Hotel and went to the operation clinic, (different from eyes exam clinic) again which is only 3 minutes walk away like the other exam clinic. Everything went like clockwork. Change into surgery coat and have drops in my right eye and when my time is up , I was met by Dr. Lubomir Tovarek and was given a teddy bear to hug why I was being operated on. No pain except for the discomfort of looking into the bright light. Soon enough, all was done, a patch was put on my right eye and a picture was taken with the doctor, a vial of antibiotic drop to use to prevent infections.
Next day, Thursday, June 16, I took the patch of and it really took me aback. I cannot recall the last time that I can see so clearly and everything is so bright because the difference from my left eye which I have not operate on yet compare to the right eye which just had been operated a day before.I cannot wait to have my left eye done. We went to the clinic for the post surgery check-up and all was fine.
Friday, June 17, I have my left eye operated on and Saturday 18, have my post surgery check up and all is fine.
My eyesights are very good now and I can see everything bright and clear. I do not realize what I was missing until after the operations. Before the operations everything looks brownish.
I would like to thanks Rita and all her colleagues for the experience. Everything went smoothly.
I would like to thanks Dr. Lubomir Tovarek, and all the other doctors and staffs at the clinic
for the perfect performance and have given me back my perfect eyesights.
Joseph Lowe. Miami

Joseph P. Lowe, USA
25th July 2016
Cataract surgery with bifocal lens

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