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United Kingdom

Lens replacement Surgery 28/10/2019
Well were to start, all i can say is that Praga Medica far exceeded my expectations, like many i had read the reviews before deciding to go ahead but i was still a little apprehensive. But from the moment i got of the plane to the taxi back to the airport it was a truly exceptional experience, if all companies were run like this, life would be so much better.

First contact was through email, and Jana replied to many question within hours. Once i had decided to go ahead, i was ask to send my eye test results from the UK, just to give PM an idea of my current eyesight, once that was done they also wonted some basic medical examinations done, so i went to my GP she did all the basics, blood pressure, heart rate, and she then printed off all my medical history, which is what a gve to PA, on the day of my eye test in Prague.

I went on a Sunday from Heathrow 27/10/2019, and arrived in Prague Sunday afternoon. were i was met bye my pre arrange taxi though PA, taken to the hotel the driver gave me a mobile phone just incase i had any question, but i never used it., i stayed in area Prah 4 which is were the eye surgery was carried out, it was only a 10 minute walk from my hotel which was Hotel Occidental, (one tip) do not book the accommodation thought PA do it yourself , it was basically half price, another tip download the Uber app, taxis from hotel into Prague using hotel taxi, were over 3 times more expensive, the uber taxi cost 120 Krone, basically about £4 and never waited more than 5 minutes. I had a whole day in Prague (Monday) doing the normal tourist stuff.

Tuesday 9.15 am i was meet outside my hotel bye a member of the PM staff, and she was lovely we walked to the clinic and she explained everything is perfect English about what was going to happen today, ie the eye test, there were about 12 people there mainly from the UK, but there were some Irish, some Czech, German, French and even an American, the eye test took about 3 hours , and that’s when they sit down and go through everything and what you are suitable for, and if all agreed then you pay the balance for the treatment, I had Trifocal lens replacement. (another tip) i was sitting waiting to pay and a lady came out of the office and said to another guy how would you feel about having your second eye done, the following day after you first eye check up, let me clear this up, generally you have one eye opp done on the Wednesday, you go back Thursday for a check up, then go back Friday for second eye opp, then back Saturday for second eye check, So i asked the lady that was looking after me for the eye test if i could do the same, one eye wednesday 9.15 am , check up Thursday 8.15 am second eye surgery Thursday 9.15 and back Friday 8.am second eye check, and she said yes not a problem, bere in mind the eye check up only takes 10 minutes, so i just felt save coming and going to get one eye wednesday second eye Thursday.

Just some info Prada Medica do not do the surgery, its made by the eye clinic

Wednesday first eye i was there about 8.30, and there were others already there, so this will explain how it all works.

You sign some papers, take a seat (tip) you have to bring a changed of clothes with you, something very casual ie jogging bottoms and a t/shirt, this because its a sterile environment were the surgery is done. You get called and a lady takes you to a waiting area were you take of your shoes and put on some crocs, you then get changed behind a screen, and put on the clothes you bought and the clothes you were wearing go into a locker, you sit down and a hair cap is put on you with your name on it, over the next 30/45 mins you have drops put into your eye probably 6 different times buy the lovely staff, obviously some of the drops are anesthetic drops. You will see people at different stages of drops being administered. After about 30/45 mins to are called and put on a gown, and taken though to a little waiting area, you are only there about 5 minutes. Then the eye surgeon greats you, takes you into the operating area, you sit in a chair, and it goes back, you lie basically flat with something under the back on your knees to raise them a little, and are given a cuddly toy to hold (ha ha) sheet is put over your face then a hole appears and dye is applied over eye, lids and near area., the surgery is hard to explain, the do clamp the eye open, to stop you blinking, and then surgery starts, IT WAS PAIN LESS. water lights more water more lights, the surgeon tells you, lens out then new lense in, it all very straightforward, but like most people reading this, i was a little scared to say the least, the surgeon just very calmly said look up look up, and then it was done. finished, 10/15 minutes. They put a patch on your eye, take a photo, and that’s it. you walk back into the waiting area, they take of your gown, you get changed back into what you wore, they give you eye drops, to take the next day, and a few little goodies, i was giving a lovely picture of Prague Castle all lit up and night, some info about the eye drops and what and what not to do, and a photo of you and the surgeon after the first opp. You go back to reception get your coat or sit down what ever you wont and first eye done.

Thursday 6am woke up in hotel got out of bed went into bathroom took off the patch, and holy crap i was even more good looking (Ha Ha) OMG i could not believe it, firstly no pain at all, i could see everything so clearly it was amazing put in some eye drops, for the first two weeks every three hours while awake. went for breakfast and could read everything, just one little note, the eye after surgery and had the patch on it did feel a little gritty about 2/3 hours later but was told it was anesthetic wearing off and it passed within 3/4 hours its not painful but i could just sense it.

Thursday walked to the surgery from hotel at 8.am looking at everything, every sign every menu in cafes etc etc took 10 mins, had eye check up took 10 minutes, then got called through at about 9..15 for second eye surgery, same procedure as before but this time it was a breeze totally relaxed no worries what so every, all done and dusted buy 11.am (note) the will offer you a little tablet to calm you down before surgery if you wish.I was given another letter and two more boxes of eye drops, and done.walk back to hotel. had a rest.

Friday woke up 6am patch off, eye drops in at 8am went back to clinic for second eye check up, was there about 30 minutes, had check up took 10 mins and that was it. FINITO, all done, was back at my hotel bye 9.30, went for breakfast, then another day in Prague,

Saturday go picked up in a taxi (Tesla Model S) taken to airport and home, AMAZING STAFF I COULD NOT RATE THEM HIGHLY ENOUGH. Thank you Praga Medica and the clinic.

Clare Attrill, UK
7 Nov 2019
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