Testimonial – J. Gun – IVF with egg donation

My experience getting IVF with DO was that all the procedures and the whole process went very smoothly, exactly as planned and described to me ahead of time. There were no last minute changes, no additional charges, no surprises, which was a huge relief. Blanka is my contact at Praga, she is very efficient and good at her job. She is also very kind and went out of her way to help me with a few things during my stay in Prague. The doctor at Gest that handled my case was very assessable via email and always answered me directly and quickly. I was charged exactly what I was quoted ahead of time, there were no last minute “add-ons” or “up-charges”. Unfortunately, this first try did not work for me as I just got my Negative pregnancy test result. I am older and have a low chance to begin with, at least by using Praga Medica, I can afford to try a few times, therefore increasing my odds of success. If I had done this in the US, I would only be able to afford one try. I will be returning to try again and I will be using Praga Medica & Gest to do so. I would recommend them to anyone seeking IVF.

J. Gun, UK
4th October 2015
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