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I must recommend Dr David Kult and Europe IVF International highly enough. Our story has had the most fantastic happy ending, and we will be forever grateful to the Dr Kult and all at Europe IVF International. Our story begin in 2009, when we decided to start a family. At age 40, I didnt even consider that there might be a problem conceiving. After a year and three months or so of disappointments, we decided to seek fertility advice (in Ireland, where we live). We spent a lot of money on tests in Ireland, but got no honest answers. We only received the honest and heartbreaking news of my infertility when we travelled to a clinic in Budapest, where we were told that my amh levels were so low that it would be impossible for us to conceive. My husband’s sperm were completely fine. The Budapest clinic told us our only option was for donor eggs, and that the treatment would have to be in Spain or the Czech Republic (unless we had our own donor). After an agonising time considering this only option available to us, we began to do some research on clinics in Spain and the Czech Republic. What we immediately found was that there was a vast price difference between both countries, with Spain being much more expensive. We also found that with some of the clinics we contacted in Spain (5 in total), the response time was poor, if at all. On the other hand, with all of the clinics we contacted in the Czech Republic [2 in Prague and 1 in Brno], we had very quick and positive responses. We narrowed our choice to Prague for ease of access, and decided to make a trip there to meet with the doctors/clinic staff. Even though we were considering two clinics, our choice turned out to be very simple in the end. Dr Kult met us on a Sunday (which really helped as we were only in Prague for Sat/Sun). From the moment we met, I felt confident that we were in the right clinic. Dr Kult’s warmth, honesty and   professionalism clinched it for us (he actually personally drove us from the clinic back to the metro station to save us getting a taxi after our consultation). We were in no doubt leaving that we had found our clinic, should we decide to go ahead. We were given time to reflect, but soon after returning home to Ireland we contacted the clinic and agreed to proceed with treatment. From then on we had constant contact and were given full and clear details every step of the way. When our donor was found, we received a non-identifying profile of her. It all happened very quickly. Our initial consultation was only 2 months before we made our journey to Prague for our treatment. We needed to be in
Prague for 6 days. Even though the dates can change at the last minute (as the clinic pointed out, they are dealing with live matter), our transfer date was exactly as scheduled. We had two visits, one for my husband to deposit his sperm and five days later for me to have the egg transfer. On both occasions Dr Kult gave us/me his full and personal attention, and Marija, the Clinic IVF Coordinator, was in continual contact with us throughout our stay in Prague. During my egg transfer (we had 2 implanted at blastostage – 1 grade a and1 grade b) it turned out that I had a narrow cervix and a tilted uterus, which meant that the transfer was more complicated. Dr Kult was reassuring and comforting to me throughout the whole procedure, and performed what was a more difficult procedure than normal with great care, continually keeping me briefed on everything he was doing. I was nervous and tense, but his reassurances and calmness really helped me. After a day of taking it easy, we flew home the following day to begin the 2 week wait, which was difficult. Any concerns I had about pains or aches were quickly responded to by the clinic by email, so I felt that even though I wasn’t in Prague any more, I still had full support from the team. My pregnancy test two weeks later proved positive, and an early scan (recommended by the Clinic) showed two heart beats. After a healthy pregnancy, our beautiful twins were born earlier this year. They are incredible and perfect and their little personalities are already very evident. We both experienced joy at different times in our lives, not least when we married. But nothing could have prepared us for the radically life-changing joy these two little people have brought into our lives. We’ve been very willing instruments in the creation of new life for my husband, myself and of course Dr Kult and everyone in Prague who helped make our dream a reality. We trusted that if it was God’s will for us to have children, it would happen – the final miracle of conception is ultimately in His hands! In their zest for life, our twins have safely navigated their way through the fragile stages of fertilization and conception, then through the first 12 uncertain weeks when we had everything crossed for their survival. And finally thorough the safer, but still unpredictable and anxious stages of pregnancy until they finally arrived at their birth day! They are strong and resilient, and there’s no doubt in our minds that they are so meant to be here! Whatever destiny lies before these two little ones, we will be forever grateful that they’ve been placed into our care as loving and totally devoted parents. I hope this (rather long) account of our story will give hope to other couples who have been given a similar prognosis to us. What we’ve learned through this process is that nothing is impossible when you believe, and want something enough. A grateful Irish couple (who are now a family)

Anonymous, Ireland
Reviews – IVF  Treatment – Egg Donor

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