Testimonial – Hew – PRELEX

So what’s it really like? Well firstly the biggest difference was that I was in a wonderful historic city called Prague. Why have I mentioned the city first; because the service you receive prior to your departure, on location and clinical care from the team in Prague
is of the same high standards you would receive if you chose to have treatment in the UK. I carried out a considerable amount of research on the UK companies prior to selecting Praga Medica and I can happily say that the actual experience was very good. So if
clinical care is the same as in the UK then you start to take other factors into consideration and clearly the cost will always be an important element. Having my treatment in Prague was around a third less expensive than doing it in the UK for me. My saving was based
upon the total cost i.e. including treatment, accommodation, flights, etc. I spent seven days in Prague, which may seem like a lot of time, but I saw it as a holiday as well and spent the majority of my free time touring the city. I had major eye surgery and got a holiday for free and even learnt a few words in Czech. No doubt the type of surgery you have will determine the time you need to spend in Prague, but can I suggest you build into your schedule at least some additional time to see the sights. If you have decide to have Laser surgery, I would recommend you consider using the services of Praga Medica.

Hew, UK
01st July 2012
Multifocal intra-ocular lens replacement

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