Testimonial – Heidi – Rhinoplasty

I had a bump on my nose from a break and the tip of my nose pertruded down, my nostrils were too big and I have always been unhappy with my nose. I researched what I wanted for a year, I wanted a smaller, straighter nose, with smaller nostrils, but I wanted it natural looking. I knew I wanted closed rhinoplasty, rather than open, where the septrum is cut I am very happy with my results, I would recommend them to everyone and I wouldn’t try another clinic, they are perfect.
I looked at 6 clinics, 2 in England and 4 in other countries, but Praga Medica stood out from the rest, in an affordable price, a quick responsive service, an understanding none judgemental approach.And offer the whole package. I was very pleased with their immaculate, state of the art, modern clinic, the consultation, anethetists and Nurses were excellent. I had a supporting young lady called Petra, who met me at the hotel and took me to the clinic, everyone spoke excellent English, I had travelled on my own and always felt supported, I had a mobile an contacts, whom I could phone anytime for help. I had a lovely experience and would definitely go back, should I need their services again.

Heidi, UK
29th February 2016
Reviews – Cosmetic Surgery – Rhinoplasty

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