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I would like to thank Patrik and Natalie, doctor Teleshman and his assistant Maria! I came to Prague for a different reason and did not plan to have dental work done. I had couple free days and decided to contact Praga Medica Dental to check if there any appointments
available with dentist. I was very happy when Patrik promptly replied and set me TWO appointments to make sure all needed work will be done. I see local dentist in USA every 6 months for cleaning and check up. On my last visit my dentist told me I need full crowns on my two lower back teeth. On my prior visit there, they told me everything was fine, and all of the sudden 6 months later I have two teeth so bad, that it needs crowns. Of course, my trust into that dentist was gone. So then month later I was travelling to Prague on
vacation, I decided that consultation with dentist to get second opinion would not hurt. Patrick arranged taxi from my hotel so I would arrive to clinic and then the one that took me back to hotel after. Natalie met me there, and I had X-Ray and consultation with
doctor Teleshman. He speaks good English, very approachable and knowledgeable about dentistry. He explained to me about different types of fillings and crowns that my local dentist never bothered to do. After exam he determined that I only need one partial porcelain crown. My other tooth that local dentist wanted to put crown on, is actually in good shape and does not need crown. It has an old filling that is ok. The last tooth that local dentist wanted to place crown, needed only partial porcelain inlay, so my tooth was
spared. Doctor Teleshman removed old filling from that tooth and did measurements on first visit. Then i came next day and inlay was glued on. I had local anesthetic injection and it was the most painless shot I ever had. It’s been only 4 days, so I cannot say anything
about the future. But so far it looks great, very natural, it does not hurt and I can chew food on that side without problems. Thank you very much for your help! I would recommend you to my family and friends without hesitation.

25 Nov 2017
Reviews – Dentistry – Dental crown

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