Testimonial – Danny – Male breast reduction

I have recently returned from Gynecomastia surgery with Praga medica and I am delighted to say it went like a dream. I had an initial online consultaion where I sent pictures of the problem area, I was surprised with the speedy response and the confidence with which they responded. I paid a small deposit and the fantastic Martina took care of everything from there! I was picked up from the airport by a very friendly driver with very good english, he recommended some nice sites to see and some good places to visit, I was taken to the front door of the hotel (Best Western Kinsky garden) which was immaculately clean and I settled in and had a walk around the beautiful city of Prague. The next morning Martina picked me up at the hotel and although I had slept in and kept her waiting she was so polite and kind to escort me all the way to and around the clinic right up to the point where I was ready for surgery. I felt really reassured and confident from Martina’s courtesy and professionalism that I knew it could only get better. I had a full physical and medical examination before the operation and had a meeting with the surgeon who was brief and frank, which was great, he was totally confident and again really reassured me. Next thing I knew I was in the operating theatre and then I woke up with the operation complete. The doctors and nurses were in immediatley to tend to me and I was made very comfortable during my recovery. I was checked on very regularly and can honestly not think of one thing I could complain about. I was examined by the doctor the following morning and given detailed instructions to follow for my recovery and released and the fabulous Martina met me again and escorted me back to my hotel. Martina also give me a fantastic framed picture of the city of Prague which I really appreciated as a very kind gesture. I then made my way to the airport with driver John who was a very friendly guy we had a great chat which really put me at ease and I returned home feeling relieved to finally have the procedure I had contemplated getting done for so long done for literally a quarter of the price it would have cost in Ireland and the UK. I am well on the mend and I visited my doctor in Ireland who honestly admired the neat job that was done, he actually whistled he was so impressed, he said “that will heal up beautifully you wont even see a scar”. I am already contemplating having the lasik eye surgery in the very near future which the ever helpful Martina is already assisting me with. I cant wait to get back to Prague!

Danny, Germany
11th September 2014
Reviews – Gynecomastia

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