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My husband and I have been through two IVF plus PICSI (Top package) cycles with GEST and Praga Medica. On both occasions we were pleased by the help and assistance we received from Praga Medica and, particularly in cycle two, we were delighted by our treatment at GEST. Blanka, our international patient coordinator from Praga Medica, was not only incredibly helpful, capable and efficient in her dealings with us she supported us in numerous ways: 1. With our appointments at GEST, Blanka was on hand during cycle one to act as translator, when needed, with nurses and embryologists; 2. She assisted us in finding high quality accommodation (The Hunger Wall Residence)for both of our lengthy stays in Prague. The accommodation was competitively priced, located in the charming Mala Strana area, which was perfect for our needs. It offers easy access to Prague Caslte, Petrin Hill and the Charles bridge, whilst avoiding the hustle of staying right in the centre of the city. There are lots of restaurants and shops in the neighbourhood (look around for excellent deals on high quality food, often much better in terms of quality and price than that which is on offer in the heart of the more touristy areas) and GEST is accessible directly from there on the number 9 tram. 3. Blanka arranged acupuncture appointments for us in both cycles. This was particularly appreciated in cycle two when I had acupuncture immediately before and immediately after Embryo Transfer. This is an added cost but we found it relaxing and worthwhile. 4. Blanka took an interest in our “tourist activities,” during our ample “free time” exploring the Czech Republic and Germany, during cycle one. Perhaps more praiseworthy than Blanka’s professionalism, was the personal kindness she exhibited towards me, in particular, when my husband had to return home (the other side of the Atlantic) half way through our first full cycle due to work commitments. Blanka was willing to meet with me on weekends during her personal time, we would exchange emails, text messages and chat. During my second cycle we were swapping books and film recommendations! GEST clinic is efficient and well-equipped. It is incredibly clean and is situated in a residential suburb, with very easy access from the number 9 tram, or via Praga Medica’s drivers- one of whom, Jan, or “driver John” as he is known to English speaker clients, is an absolute delight. The staff at GEST is friendly, thorough and caring. The price of treatments are competitive- what is needed is done: no more; no less. Respimed, an additional clinic (easy to access, near the shopping centres in Andel) is also highly efficient. It is used by GEST for assessing the general health and suitability of IVF patients to be placed under general anaesthetic, during oocyte retrieval- Prage Medica organizes this process and the patient coordinator is on hand at Respimed to assist with any queries you may have. The doctors at GEST are fluent English speakers so those appointments are private between the couple and the IVF specialist; it is usually only when interacting with some of the nurses and the embryologists that a translator is needed, and even then, that is not always the case! Whilst GEST is highly equipped, it is not a hospital. This may be a fact worth considering for some overseas patients. The clinic is very careful not to place patients at risk of OHSS and we did not consider the clinic/ hospital dynamic an issue at all, during our cycles. Whilst it is too early to make any official announcements, we are very hopeful that all the positive test results we have had in the last week will result in a healthy baby, or two, in a little under 9 month’s time.

Coralreefs, UK
04th January 2016
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