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Praga Medica made us feel at home. I had done a previous IVF treatment in Canada (AUG 2016) and it resulted in a failed IVF cycle and no frozen embryos. I also felt just like another number at that clinic, so when we started speaking with our co-ordinator, Blanka, she was so caring and attentive we instantly felt comfortable to move forward with our treatment. Because I had low follicle count and age 39, we opted for a donor egg optimum option. All our questions were always answered by the next day or later in the same day (9 hr time difference). We spoke to the Dr and Blanka on Skype and then went forward with our plan. They set out a plan for me to follow to prep by body for transfer and to sync my body to the donors cycle- it all was easy to follow. My GP in Canada was able to prescribe me the medications I needed and I was also able to get a internal scan here and have them send the images to the Dr in Prague.

Blanka arranged for a driver to collect us on our first visit which made for one less thing to think about! From then on we used uber-very easy and reliable. Once we arrived at the clinic we understood that it was a small clinic, but very clean and had everything up-to-date. Our Dr was there to meet with us and she went over everything for the next two weeks and did another scan. My husband had a blood test that day as well. It all took about an hour and then we waited to know when transfer day would be. Blanka was so good at keeping us informed and it provided great relief to know what was happening.

On transfer day the clinic was busy and we met with our Dr again, she went over the procedure and also the after care plan and we purchased all our medications to take home. The procedure was smooth and it was nice to wait after with other women going through the same thing. We all wished each other good luck, it felt positive. Some women chose not to chat and we all respected that. It was a comfortable waiting room. Unfortunately for us this round didn’t work. But we will be returning to Praga soon to try again and are hopeful.

All in all if you are considering doing IVF or egg donor here I would confidently say – yes! Do it. It is a very warm, safe, professional place to go through a very stressful time. Being in beautiful Prague also helps to distract your mind and heart. We are actually very much looking forward to returning soon. Never thought I’d say that 🙂

Canadian couple  
11th January 2017
Dr. Lucie Svabikova

Review: IVF Fertility treatment – Donor Eggs


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